Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tucker Tuesday or Tucker Talk?

Tucker Tuesday or Tucker Talk?  What do you think? (I guess if I give it an official name I have to be consistent and get to blogging more often!)

The last time I posted was December.  Tucker was three months and I was posting his one month birthday.  It's May.  We will just forget that it's been five months.  I'm clearly behind in my posts.  

Back in September and October here's what the Tuckster was up to.

He did a lot of snoozing in his swing. 

His all time favorite activity was going strolling.  With his sunglasses on and his wave to the camera he was all Hollywood!  I think this is my all time favorite picture of him so far. 

Such an important day in our house - Texas A&M vs. Arkansas.  It was only fitting that Tucker represented both teams on game day.  I will brag for a minute because the Aggies took the victory.  Tucker knows who the best team is!  I will say that at halftime I changed him into an Arkansas onesie...but I should have left him in his Aggie football gear!  He was so excited to meet Amy, Mrs. Carolyn, and Mrs. Lisa who drove up for the day. 

Our good friends Megan and Brent were in Little Rock for a wedding and Matt and I were able to get away for dinner with Megan, Brent, and Allison.  The next morning they all came out to visit!  Tucker was so excited to meet Aunt Megs and see Aunt Shug again. 

On most nights soon after Tucker was born this was a common scene in my house - Matt, Tucker, and Kate all snoozing on the couch together.  Just so sweet.  



Cathy said...

Yes, you have a LOT of catching up to do! And, yes, soooo sweet!

Jennifer said...

He is a CUTIE!!


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