Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nursery Reveal!

Tucker's nursery is finally done!  It all came together so perfectly and I just love it.  Matt says Tucker is going to grow up thinking he lives in the woods!  Matt would live in the woods if I would let him.

The main look I was striving for in the nursery was an outdoors/woodsy theme.  As we started putting it together, it turned into more of a representation of what baby boy's life will be with his Dad - his love for the woods and deer hunting, but also his life spent at the family farm.  The woods and the farm will be a huge part of little Tuck's life.   

I love the color and simplicity of the crib.  His bedding and curtains were made by a family friend in Texarkana.  She did an amazing job!  The name garland was part of the decor at my shower.  Thanks to my dear friend, Elizabeth, for that piece of cuteness!

I wanted some cute, but simple bookshelves.  The room isn't very large so I didn't want or need an overbearing bookshelf.  These picture ledges came from IKEA and they are just the perfect size.  Matt thinks that Tucker will probably use them as a ladder one day.  Very possible! 
This little corner of the nursery represents farm life.  When Matt's parents moved to their new house recently, we found the old metal tractors that Matt had as a little kid. We brought them home for little Tuck to have when he gets older, but we had to display one - a green one of course.  His dad pretty much lives on a green tractor.  The little baby t-shirt hanging behind the tractor says "farmbaby" - how appropriate :)

We bought the changing table from a good friend of ours who used it with her children.  When I got it, it was black, but wanted it to match the crib so my dad painted it for me.  He hates painting so I owe him a huge thank you!  Anything for his first grandson :)  The sign was one of my summer projects that I got done with all my pregnancy energy!

 Tucker's door hanger has got to be the cutest thing ever made.  My dear friend, Kim, made it to hang on the door at my shower in Texarkana.  I wanted to be able to display it somewhere and it just looked super cute on the door to his nursery!
Now that the nursery is all done, all we need now is a precious little blue eyed, pudgy baby boy to add to it!



ourwolfden said...

I love the trees on the wall, what a cute room!

Maureen said...

You have done an amazing job with the nursery.

Kayla Janachovsky said...

Amazing room! I'm hosting a Wall Decal giveaway that you should enter!

Anonymous said...

SOOOO cute.... I just my sons room very close to this! Was wondering where you got the curtain rods? You did a WONDERFUL job with this room!


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