Wednesday, June 26, 2013

summer projects

I'm not sure if it's pregnant energy or just that I'm on summer break, or a combination of both, but I have been busy working on DIY projects around the house.  And I still have several on my to-do list before Tucker arrives!  

I blogged a few weeks ago about my necklace holder, but that was just the first to mark off my project list. 

I pinned this photo on Pinterest, loving it as something to do in my laundry room, but at the time didn't have a place for it.  Since we added on to our house, Matt's old man room turned into a workout/exercise room and the taxidermy on the walls were moved and was replaced by A&M and Arkansas sports memorabilia.  So, the Razorback decor that adorned the laundry room wall was moved and left an open wall.  Perfect!   

My original intention was to buy cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby and spray paint them like the source photo, but once I got to Hobby Lobby I discovered these dark metal rustic style letters and opted for them instead. I love how they turned out!  No question as to what this room is used for.  I joked with Matt that I hung the word "wash" to help remind me that I actually need to wash clothes, ha. 

As I was visiting the original post from the source photo, I came across this photo of her laundry room as well.  I love the photos of her child and the laundry basket with clothes!  I have a space above my washer and dryer that could use some tender loving care so...a new project on my hands? 

As I mentioned earlier, the old "man room" in our house has become a workout/exercise room.  Matt so generously offered to let me have one wall in the room to hang my A&M things, but the other wall had to have Razorback decor and if there were 5 A&M photos, there had to be 5 Razorback ones, etc.  There had to be an equal amount of each team on the walls...good gravy!

I had been wanting to do a simple 'whoop' canvas and needed an extra something to have equal amounts of A&M vs. Razorback on the wall.  My third summer project was to paint a whoop canvas and I love how simple it turned out!  

Matt hates it.  

I guarantee you if it was red and said "woo pig" he'd absolutely love it.  

Stay tuned for more summer projects.  There are still several things on my to-do list!  



Kim A said...

Cute! I saw those letters at Hobby Lobby also, but wasn't sure what I could do with them. Love this idea.

Jennifer said...

Love the projects!! I want to do those letters in our laundry room!
I was thinking of "Laundry," but "wash" would be even better.
Less letters=less money! Ha!


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