Wednesday, May 1, 2013

baby kelly is a...

We found out last Wednesday that our sweet baby is a BOY!  I was certain we were having a girl, but Tuesday night I didn't sleep a wink because I dreamed about boys all night.  I woke up and told Matt that we were having a baby boy...I just knew it!  His heart rate was 145 and he weighed 8 oz :)

The day before my doctor's appointment my class took a vote on what the baby was.

It's a little hard to see, but those little kids were right!  More students chose boy over girl.  They were so happy when I showed up Thursday morning wearing BLUE!

After our appointment we had lunch with our parents and it was a sad moment when my parents had to head back to Texas, but that didn't quite stop my mother-in-law and I!  We headed over to Baby Gap and baby boy got his first batch of precious little clothes.

 Before my parents left town, they gave Matt and I our congratulatory gifts - one for each of us.

So fitting, don't ya think???  I have a feeling he will be hearing a lot more of the Aggie tunes than Razorback!  Although Matt may think otherwise :)

We have just about narrowed down baby boy's name, but haven't finalized it yet.  I think that's going to happen VERY soon!  I just can't stand him not having his own little name.


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Allena said...

Gig 'em and congrats!!


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