Friday, March 29, 2013

Baby Kelly Details :)

If you missed the big announcement in February, you saw right…baby Kelly is on its way! 

I took two tests on January 20 and they confirmed it – I was pregnant! 

pregnancy test

and then I took two more just to make sure :)

pregnancy test 2

Matt and Whitney with test

We couldn’t wait to tell our families so I didn’t have any time to come up with any elaborate announcement plans.  Matt’s sister was visiting friends out of town and his dad had gone to pick her up at the airport so when we got to his parents house only his mom and Mia were there.  I wish I had her reaction on video – it was priceless.  Since we had to come up with a quick plan to tell his sister and dad since they would be back from the airport soon, I ran to the Dollar Store and picked up a baby white t-shirt. 


We knew Ashley would notice immediately that Mia wasn’t wearing a shirt of her own and we were right!  As soon as she walked in the door it was pure excitement with screaming and tears of happiness!  We called my parents and told them and sent out text messages to our closest friends. 

Our first appointment wasn’t scheduled until a month later on February 18.  I was a little nervous, but my nervousness couldn’t even closely compete with Matt’s!  He was a nervous wreck.


We found out for sure at the doctor’s appointment that I was 9 weeks and that baby Kelly’s official due date would be September 23, 2013 (can’t wait for that day!).  We got to see our little nugget and let me tell you, that just totally amazed me. 


It’s heart rate was beating at a speedy 172!  Does that mean a feisty little girl?? 

I will be 15 weeks on Monday – time flies!  The peanut is now the size of a navel orange.


I went back to the doctor a week ago and we scheduled my next appointment for April 24 and we will get to find out what the little orange will be! 


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