Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tide Pods

I hate doing laundry. I have never been good at doing it on a regular basis. When we got married doing a load of clothes was not on my daily agenda, although Matt thought it should be. When I lived by myself I would usually wash all my clothes over the weekend, but that didn't seem to work anymore.

Over the course of five years, my laundry habits have improved. One household product that I have liked using (would say 'loved' but I don't associate love and laundry) using is the Tide Pods. I didn't mind the liquid detergent, but when Matt would do a load of clothes, the bottle would seem to get messy with detergent all down the side. The Pods just made it so easy - throw in your clothes, throw in a pod, and turn the washer on.

After last week I don't like them as much. Why would I suddenly not like something that made laundry so much easier? Because of this.

If you know me well you know that I spend a lot of moolah at the Loft. The majority of my wardrobe comes from there and my favorite shirts lately are from their Lounge collection because they are so comfortable for the winter. You can understand my disappointment when I pull this shirt out of the washing machine to find plastic residue melted and stuck to the shirt and several (more like ten) blue dye stains on my shirt. It just so happens that the Tide Pod is BLUE. I had washed this particular load on cold, but according to Tide, the Pods work in any temperature. I called my mother frantic and she told me to let it soak for a while and run it again on a large load size. She had this happen to her before. I washed the shirt THREE more times and the stains lightened a little, but my shirt was ruined.

A few weeks ago I had some blue spots show up on some white towels I washed, but didn't seem to worry too much about it, thinking it was just a fluke. I don't think so anymore.

Tonight I went to the Tide website to send them my complaint. I started reading the customer reviews and there were 377 of them. I did not read all 300, but the majority of the first two pages I read had the same issue as I did. Tide has responded to one customer that extensive testing was done on the Pods.

I emailed Tide with my complaint, but I am sure they've heard these complaints before. I still use the Pods because I don't want to waste them, but I am sure to wash every load on a large size setting hoping that will help with dissolving the Pod. I think I will go back to using the liquid and will be happy with the drips down the side.

Sometimes using something that makes life easier does just the opposite. If you are considering using the new Tide Pods, you have been warned. I hope your clothes are luckier than mine and don't come out looking blue!

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Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

SOOOO annoying! They should give you a coupon or something!

Every Day That Follows said...

Whitney, I love the All free and clear "pods" that they are selling now and because they are clear you shouldn't have the same problem but still have the ease of a pod like detergent! I haven't seen any residue or plastic of any kind and I've used them for about 6 months...

In This Wonderful Life said...

That stinks!!! I've been using them on a few things with no issues, but I'll be sure to watch now!

Cindy said...

Ugh! I had a similar thing happen with the Bounce dryer bar. It worked fine with whites, but left oily spots on anything darker than light grey.


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