Saturday, September 8, 2012

five years

Five years ago the farmer and I said "I do!"

I absolutely loved how my wedding turned out. It was beautiful.

During our ceremony it rained...I had no idea....and when we walked out to head to our reception there was a rainbow over the church. It was such a neat moment!

Our reception was at Ramage Farms, a blueberry and pecan farm, that is owned by my dad's childhood friend.

As you can tell below, I enjoyed myself at our reception. I did spend a little while visiting with the guests, but the majority of my night was spent on the dance floor!

My poor dress. I apparently swept the floors clean that night with my wedding dress! Don't worry, once it was taken to the dry cleaners, it was good as new :)

I'll leave you with one last photo from my reception. Ask anyone - this was me all night. Mouth wide open. I was having the time of my life!

Happy Anniversary to the farmer!

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