Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Marshall's Visit Little Rock!

Earlier this month we had a nice surprise - the Marshalls came to Little Rock! Brent had to come for work so Megan and the twins joined him for a little getaway. We met them in Little Rock to catch up, see the twins...and Megan and Brent of course, and to have dinner. It was so nice to spend the evening with them and with Allison and her boyfriend. It was a much needed evening with two of my lifelong best friends...of course we missed Amy and Katie...the fab five would have been complete if they were there!

The farmer enjoyed himself tremendously. He said on our way home that he really needed that night to just hang out with old friends – Matt was Brent's big brother in their fraternity at University of Arkansas so they go way back :) I realized just how true "it's a small world" is when I met Matt and introduced him to Brent and Megan and well, he already knew Brent!

Although I felt like I knew the twins, I hadn't officially met them yet. I loved on little Sloane all night!

Knox and Sloane had their own private dinner in the hotel lobby before we went to dinner.

Look at that sweet face! She is such a ham!

We had dinner in the River Market. It was such a nice night that we sat outside and had a great visit!

Our men...very patriotic...Broc, farmer Matt, and Brent

After dinner we went back to their hotel lobby and visited for a long time. The twins were troopers and considering we didn't leave until close to 10:00, they had a very late bedtime!

It was so good to have some of our closest friends in town. Allison and I decided they should come visit our neck of the woods more often!

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In this wonderful life... said...

YAY!!! So fun!!! loved hanging out with you guys and Knox & Sloane were so happy to meet you!!


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