Sunday, March 4, 2012

lack of fascination :)

I think my lack of blogging stems from a lack of interesting things to blog about.  Maybe I should have a child - yes, just so I can blog about it.  Kidding of course :) 

Children have taken up a lot of our time lately - our precious niece and nephew of course.  They were home for a little over a week so we spent lots of time playing.  Michael has found a new love of playdough and the farmer is his playdough partner.  Look at Michael looking at him - ahhh, melt my heart!  He loves his Uncle Matt soooo much. 

While the farmer has been playing, I have been rocking and holding and loving every minute.  Those cheeks!

I have also been spending my gift cards I got for Christmas - yes, two months later :)  I have been eyeing these Steve Madden boots for months and finally felt better about buying them with a gift card.  Baby girl spit up on them, but thankfully I got them clean!

I also used my Dillard's gift cards to buy a Michael Kors purse, but am having buyer's remorse.  I bought a deep tote and think it may be too deep and am thinking about going to get a not so deep, wider one.  Decisions decisions.  I. hate. decisions.

I've been filling quite a few personalized orders lately and am loving it!  I finished this personalized casserole yesterday and tumbler orders this week.  I'm working on setting up an Etsy store and am excited about getting it ready to launch.  I will be opening my Etsy store as Harvest Home Designs and am waiting on my old Park Street Market logo to get updated with my new name and colors. 

See, life isn't too fascinating these days, but I'm loving it anways :)


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