Tuesday, December 27, 2011

introducing mia margaret :)

I'll go ahead and warn you now that this post is FULL of pictures!  All cute of course :) 
Better late than never that I introduce my precious niece, Mia Margaret Spingola!  She was born on October 17 and is doing great.  Little Mia and her brother Michael are here this week for Christmas and we are having so much fun with them! 

We arrived in Dallas the day before Mia's birthday and were greeted with a home cooked meal by Michael himself!  He was serving us all kinds of food he cooked in his new kitchen. 

It was such a beautiful day outside so we went outside to play and do boy things and give him our undivided attention as an only child one more day :)

The farmer and his sister, Ashley looking very good considering she was soon to give birth!

the day had arrived!  

Uncle Matt kept him entertained!

Dad came out to let us know she had arrived :)

Michael finally got to meet his little sister!  He was a little unsure at first, but loves her now! 

Welcome to the world Mia Margaret Spingola! 

Uncle Matt had one job - to entertain big brother :)

Well, I'm glad you got to meet the cutest little addition to our family!  We are so happy to have them home for the holidays.  Christmas hasn't happened yet with the farmer's family - our brother in law was on call during Christmas so he'll be in Friday for Christmas so we have more fun to come!  


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