Sunday, September 4, 2011

sweet words from a sweet friend

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Ashlea, blogs over at Somewhere Down in Texas about life with her husband Drew and their precious dogs, cooking, and their new life in Savannah, GA.

Her family and my family were very close friends growing up and used to take Christmas vacations together every year of our childhood until we got to high school when life seemed to stay busy with extracurricular activities. (I think I could do a whole blog on stories from our vacations!) Her oldest sister Alison was a year older than me and Ashlea a year younger and we were three of a kind back in the day. Some of my fondest memories are with Alison and Ashlea and I'm pretty sure our parents got tired of us singing for them and putting on our own little shows for them!

While our families are still good friends we don't get to see each other very often, but with Facebook and now Ashlea's blog, it's a little easier to keep up with their life and the new set of twins in their family. Alison has a new set of twins - Will and Kate - they are precious! Ashlea is a fellow Aggie so that makes her extra special ;) Crossing my fingers that her little sis Ashton is an Aggie soon too!

Ashlea is all about cooking lately and her latest blog featured a bread recipe that I shared a while back. She had the sweetest words to say about my blog!

"I was also craving some homemade bread and remembered my lifelong friend, Whitney, blogging about an easy and tasty recipe a while back. You can find the recipe here at her super cute blog. Even if you're not interested in the bread you should check out her blog Harvest Home, she's a real life farmer's wife and shares great recipes and cooking tips! She's also a great photographer, an elementary school teacher,a pampered chef consultant,
and runs her own online boutique, Park Street Market. She's also an Aggie, but that's neither here nor there ;) The bread turned out scrumptious just as she promised; I made several little loaves to share with my co-workers."

Thanks Ashlea for the sweet words! Good luck in your cooking adventures - I have complete faith in you! :)

If you want a new blog to read go check hers out!

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