Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Family Beach Pictures

I blogged a few months ago about our family beach trip to Destin.  We had thought about taking family photos while on the beach and all took clothes for pictures, but didn't really have a plan except my camera and a tripod.  Ultimately I wanted another photographer to take our pictures! My wish was granted when we were touring other condos to stay at next year and we saw a flyer for Pure 7 Studios.  Lindsay, at the studio, was so prompt and accommodating!  We called on a Wednesday and had pictures taken Friday night.  The photographer was so personable.  It started raining the minute we got in the car to head to the beach location, but the good Lord stopped the rain for 30 minutes - just enough time to get our family portraits taken :)  My nephew was sick while we were taking the pictures, but he was such a trooper!

Once you see the pictures you will see why we are all in love!


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Kelli Nicholson Herrington said...

These pictures are amazing! I love the beach! Just saw where your hubby is a farmer, how crazy mine is too. we just got through harvesting corn and milo now Rice then moving onto Beans then Cotton. Hope the crops are awesome up your way!


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