Saturday, July 9, 2011

the dukan diet

Well, hello there.  It's been a while.  I'm back and 8 1/2 pounds lighter all thanks to The Dukan Diet.

This, my friends, is how the French stay skinny and how Kate Middleton's mom lost her weight before the royal wedding.  It's been around a little while, but I just started hearing about it the past few weeks and one of my best friends had been successfully losing weight on it, so I figured I'd give it a try. Plus I've gained a considerable amount of weight since my wedding, and well, I'd like to be back down closer to that weight.  Turns out my mother-in-law was thinking about doing it too so off to Barnes and Noble we went and bought the book and got started two days later.  Surprisingly, the farmer and his father are doing it too so it's a family affair. 

It didn't sound too bad.  The first 5 days is protein, non-fat dairy, and eggs only.  You also have to incorporate 1 1/2 tbsp of oat bran a day so we add it in to vanilla yogurt and it's not bad...and it fills you up!

For breakfast we started eating eggs or omelets and yogurt with oat bran.  For lunch we'd have some lunch meat and cheese and if I was feeling super energetic I'd grill hamburger patties or chicken at 10:30 AM so it'd be ready for lunch.  We've eaten a lot of steaks for dinner, which gets absolutely no complaints, shrimp, or grilled fish.  The first week I was down 6 pounds.

Starting on the sixth day you can add vegetables in with your proteins, but no corn, potatoes, or anything starchy.  Mom came in town that day and she was very happy it was a vegetable day so she didn't have to eat meat only!  We've eaten a lot of green beans and grilled squash, onion, and zuchinni.  As of today I am down 8 1/2 pounds and have been doing the diet since Sunday, June 26. 

You are supposed to alternate 5 days of protein only with 5 days of protein and vegetables until you meet your goal weight.  I'd like to lose about 15 more pounds so I'll be doing this a while!  The next stage you can add in two slices of bread a day and fruit and you can also have two celebration meals a week. 

It's worked out pretty well, but I have to admit that I'm getting a little tired of snacking on reduced fat string cheese and yogurt.  I'd like to at least have some fruit or something!  We splurged on 4th of July and had a great meal with some friends, but it didn't hurt us too bad.  I also had two workshops this week and we ate out for lunch, but I ate a healthy food option and had protein only for dinner. 

Vacation is coming up and I'm not quite sure how we will do while we are gone, but we are going to try to choose healthier options to keep our weight loss going!  Or that's what we say at least :) 

Of course, with any diet, you are supposed to exercise.  This diet calls for a daily 30 minute walk.  I haven't been too good with that part of the diet, but the days I have walked I lost about a half pound more than usual. 

I can't really tell that I've lost 8 1/2 pounds when I look at myself, but my pants do feel a little looser today so I guess that's a good sign.

Another note about the diet - it's been pretty easy to do since I'm off of school for the summer, but it may be a little trickier to do when I am back at school.  Guess I will cross that bridge when it comes - if I'm still on the diet! I'm hoping by that time I am just used to eating healthier and smaller portions and can control it without a strict diet. 

Here's to heatlhier eating!



Krystal said...

Thanks for posting about the diet...I've been wanting to try it but to cheap to buy the book!! If I can stick to it then I will buy the book!! Congrats on the weight loss!!

Health Partners said...

congrltaz about your diet! any my sister will try about your dukan diet, cuz she really need,thank you very much

Health Partners

Kelli Nicholson Herrington said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I need to give it a try.
I found your blog through In this Wonderful Life. I also love Pampered Chef.


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