Tuesday, July 26, 2011

beach bum

I have a little confession.  The reason I haven't posted in a while is because:

1. I have started reading blogs on Google Reader and I can't stop!  Too busy reading to post.

2. I have discovered the world of teaching blogs and one leads to another which leads to another, etc. and that's ALL I do!  Have gotten some great ideas and considering starting one and/or selling teaching products online.

3. I was in Destin for a week laying on the white sandy beaches playing and reading "The Help" and while I loved the sun, I also loved umbrella life.  I have been given the name "beach bum" by my family because when no one else would be on the beach, I would be!

Which brings me to my picture overload :)

the view outside our condo. 

the farmer and our nephew who LOVES his uncle matt. and loved looking at the water during breakfast each morning!

the kid was in LOVE with the water!  uncle matt got a workout dipping him in and out of the water. just try to overlook the farmer's "farmer tan" - such a true depiction of the phrase.

dinner at "the back porch"

we were total beach bums!

captain michael in his boat! 

my WONDERFUL in-laws who took us to Florida!

my brother-in-law had to work all week (short notice trip!) so he flew down on Friday to spend the weekend.  weather was not so great on Saturday, but we got some beach time in!

our last dinner was at McGuire's Irish Pub and was the best meal by far!

home of "the grand burger" that cost...

$100! That was not ordered at our table!

guess we could have borrowed some money from the ceiling ;)

Poor little Michael had fever most of the week, but it was still a great vacation!  Condo is already booked for next year :)  I probably shouldn't start counting down the days.  It might be a long year.  But, I CAN'T WAIT!

I have a Pampered Chef party Thursday night - stay tuned for a YUMMY new recipe!


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Kelz World said...

Are you going to a pampared chef party at someone named Carly's house???


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