Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the most divine cupcake ever.

Summer vacation is in full swing and I'm loving it!  My first weekend of my break I took a little road trip to Shreveport to visit Scott, Amy, and little Zoe.  I had so much fun!  We spent the weekend shopping, eating, and playing with Zoe with emphasis on the playing :)  I couldn't keep my hands off that little girl...well, until I came down with the stomach bug.  Life was all fun until Sunday night when I might as well have just made a pallet on the bathroom floor.  My trip was extended a day, but not with fun things, instead I was laid up in Amy's guest bedroom all day Monday.  But, who really wants to hear about being sick?  

A highlight of my trip was Saturday lunch at Superior Mexican Grill, a well-known, popular restaurant in Shreveport.  No trip to Shreveport is complete without lunch or dinner at Superior.  We met our friend Emily - that was a special treat!  Emily was Katie's best friend at LSU and it's always so fun to see and hang out with her. 

Another treat was our pit stop at Buttercups Cupcakes, the cutest little cupcake shop.

I had the most.divine.cupcake.ever. 

I introduce you to the banana pudding cupcake. 

 If I could box it up and send it I'd mail one to all of you. 

Your mouth is watering right?

I asked for the recipe, but they wouldn't share it with me.

If you ever find yourself in Shreveport or Bossier City don't pass up Buttercups. 

You won't be disappointed. 


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Sylvia Rose Design said...

how fun that yall met up with Emily too! google a banana pudding cupcake recipe, surely there is one out there! and then make us all some :)


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