Wednesday, June 29, 2011

kreativ blogger award

Super sweet Elizabeth Ann of Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box recently gave me the Kreative Blogger Award!  I've been reading her blog for a while - she is one of my main go to blogs for new and yummy recipes.  The farmer always compliments the recipes I make of hers and wants to know what Food Network show I got them off of, HA! 

After receiving these awards, the rules are as follows:
1. Link back to the giver of the award
2. Pass on the love by awarding 10 blogs (if you want)...I only did 4 due to my bedtime!
3. Contact those blogs to give them the good news!
4. Share 10 random things about yourself (or 4 things!)

Here are my award recipients!

Allison from Syliva Rose Design
Allison is one of my best friends (one of the Fab Five) and is the epitome of creative!  She has her own graphic design business and has so many great creative ideas.  Plus, she's hilarious and beautiful!

Ashley and I grew up in the same school and hometown and while she was a year older than me, she was always such a sweet friend - sweet as pie! Ashley is a mom of four - three of those being triplets!  This girl is one creative party planner for her friends and family :)

Lenzi went to college with one of my best friends, Katie, and although I have never met her I feel like I know her from reading her fun blog!  Several of her recipes are on my list to try and I can't wait to see the wreaths she is in the process of making!

Speaking of Katie...Katie is another of the Fab Five, one of my best friends.  She has two beautiful girls - Molly who is 2 today (Happy Birthday!) and Chloe is 2 months.  Katie is quite the creative party planner these days and has done some super cute craft projects!

And my 4 random facts:

**I still wear my Aggie ring.  If you ever meet an Aggie, check out their right hand!
**I used to hate the rain when I was younger because it put a halt on my plans, but now I love the rain so the farmer will get a break!
**I'm now obsessed with homemade bread after my first successful batch.
**I love honey roasted peanuts and apple juice as a snack.



Lenzi said...

Thank you so so much! And I'm working on getting my ETSY site running this weekend, so you can see the wreaths :)

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

I LOVE ashley's blog too! :-)


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