Sunday, January 16, 2011

the miracle birth

I've always been a big fan of Oprah.  Since I got my DVR I have recorded her shows daily.  Some of her shows I could really care less about and automatically delete, but others I really enjoy and there have been some great stories shared. 

One in particular really got to me this week. 

The story is about the Coble family - Chris, Lori, Kyle, Emma, and Katie.  On the day after their sons' fifth birthday, the family went to a mall that had a ferris wheel, which the son was excited to ride, and a pet store.  As nap time neared, the family got back in the van and headed home.  Lori, the mom, came upon a line of backed up traffic as she tried to exit the highway.  While stopped, she turned around to check on her children, and as she did a big rig loaded with 40,000 pounds of cargo going 55 miles an hour slammed into the back of her minivan and demolished it.  The two daughters passed away and soon later the doctor's told Chris and Lori that Kyle's brain had not been receiving any oxygen.  They recommended taking Kyle off life support.

Three months after the accident, Chris and Lori decided to have more children.  For medical reasons, they tried in vitro fertilization. On their first try they started with 10 eggs - three were succesfully fertilized - two girls and one boy.  "We were only going to put two back in, but once we found out that it was two girls and a boy, we took that as a sign from above," said Lori.

Almost exactly a year after Kyle, Emma, and Katie died, Lori gave birth to triplets - Ashley, Ellie, and Jake.  Lori says, "They'll never replace Kyle, Emma, and Katie, but the joy is back in the house.  It's back in our hearts.  They fill our lives again with love and happiness and laughter."

Isn't God so good?  Only God could take a tragedy like the Coble's and create a miracle.  Three little blonde haired miracles that have three beautiful siblings in heaven. 

Whatever your tragedy may be, just remember that God can turn that tragedy into a miracle.  He works in miraculous ways. 

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In this wonderful life... said...

I cried and cried through this episode. I kept thinking I wanted to change it, but I never would. SUCH a blessing after an unbelievable loss! God is good!!

Tahnie said...

Wow, I missed this episode but that sounds utterly amazing!

erin said...

The Coble's live about 10 mins away from me, it was so sad to read about it in the paper and see all of the blue and pink ribbons that were hung in honor of their 3 kiddo's all over our part of town. The freeway area where the accident happened has a horribe design and i am shocked Caltrans won their lawsuit. I have been caught up in a couple near misses there and avoid that off ramp as much as possible.


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