Sunday, January 23, 2011

the magic 'e'

School is in session! I am currently hosting a series on Grammar 101 - a refresher course! You are sure to learn something...I did! of my favorite lessons!

GRAMMAR 101: Lesson 4 - Magic "E"

If two vowels are close together in a word, usually the first vowel says it's name (long sound) and the second vowel is silent.  This is call the "Magic E".

For example, /m/ /a/ /d/ is mad, but add an e and it becomes made and the a turns into a long a rather than a short a.

mad : made

mat : mate

rod : rode

slim : slime

cap : cape

You say words with this rule on a daily basis, but have you ever sat down and really thought about the phonics rule it follows?  Probably not!  And no, I don't either, but it never hurts to be reminded.  If you are teaching your child to read you can share these rules with them and their reading will be that much better! 

I've had a request to do several lessons on punctuation so I'll be working on that.

Did I ever think I would be sharing grammar lessons on my blog?  No, probably not, but I was reminded why I do what I do in church this morning.  The sermon was on "fishers of men" and after the sermon our pastor held a "text-back time" where we respond to a question and text him answers that he shares with the congregation.  Today he wanted us to text him what the Lord would tell us to be based on our careers in relation to "being fishers of men".  Mine wasn't hard - "teach the people" - so I look at my grammar lessons as one of my callings - I'm teaching the people.

Although I think my lessons are geared a little more towards little people :) 


Cathy said...

Don't think our preacher will ever ask for text replies. That would clog the phone company for sure! Ha. That is what I call thinking outside the box. Interesting.

jill said...

i once heard that good teachers are the ones who steal all the good stuff they come across and use it ... if that's true, i'm a great teacher ... 'cause i've SO stolen your grammar ideas! hope you don't mind ... i definitely gave you credit with the munchkins. :) hope your week is fantastic, pretty girl!!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I see no harm in it as people constantly mess up simple grammar!!


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