Saturday, January 8, 2011

christmas morning

On Christmas morning, the farmer and I (please excuse the double chin, awful angle)

and seeester and brother-in-law

were getting ready to open all kinds of goodies

but the life of the party was sound asleep!

But it didn't take him long to see he was missing out on all kinds of Christmas fun!

This little man had quite the time at Christmas! He managed to stay asleep during breakfast and gift opening on Christmas morning, but as soon as we were done he was wide eyed and bushy tailed and had a wild time with his new goodies! 

The farmer and I had a wonderful Christmas - way too many gifts!  Here are some of my favorites:

I fell in love with this reindeer when my MIL and I spotted it in a store.  So happy she went back and picked it up :)

Wii.  It is so much fun!  And Wii Fit, which is actually not too bad either.  Nice way to exercise when it's freezing outside and on my Couch to 5K off days.

The farmer won major brownie points.  This, my friends, is the Tano purse I have been wanting so bad, thanks to his little elf, my mother.  I am in love!  He also gave me a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure as well as money for a spa massage...he did well.

SOLD OUT Tano Leather Bag

The farmer came home from Texas with one of these...

I'm not a coffee drinker so it doesn't excite me too well although I think I may try a few of his K-Cups to see if I can acquire the taste.  For now I'll stick to hot cocoa and apple cider :)

His big gift from me was this super roomy Eddie Bauer rolling duffle.  Please tell me that you agree that it is wrong for him to carry a extra long camoflauge duffle everywhere we go.

Product Image Eddie Bauer Rainier 27" Horizontal Drop Bottom Duffle - Brown

All the farmers other gifts were pretty much hunting related.  It's usually a very common theme with him and nothing makes him happier. 
All in all we had a very plentiful Christmas.  We seem to come home with way more than we ever need.  We are very blessed and thankful that we could spend the holidays with our Arkansas and Texas families.

Christmas came way too fast this year and left just as quick.  The new year has come just as quick too!

I'm very curious what 2011 holds for this little family.  Hoping it's a good year :)


Kari Beth said...

Looks like a very blessed Christmas indeed!

Jenni said...

This made me laugh only bc i am right there with you. Taylor used to carry this blue Adidas bag EVERYWHERE. I swear that bag was from 8th grade. He did get a new one last year for christmas!

In this wonderful life... said...

you and your tano purses! haha love it.

I prob need a wii fit ...someday.

Michael is precious!


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