Wednesday, February 24, 2010

best. pasta. ever.

For the best pasta dish ever you will need:

linguine noodles, uncooked
flank steak, cooked in thin strips
red bell pepper
sour cream
onion and chive cream cheese

.......wait, what am I thinking? 

I hated it. 

I picked up a magazine at the local grocery store that had tonnnns of recipes.  I thought it wouldn't hurt...surely there was one good recipe in it.  Well, I tore out one page with 4 recipes and I only liked 1 recipe on the page.  I made a trip to that same grocery store today to get all the ingredients, came home, got to cooking, and even pulled out my camera to document every step so you would be sure to know exactly how to make this gourmet mushroom and steak linguine. 

Then I took one bite.  I'll spare you the pictures because I don't want you to put forth the effort for a not so good meal.  The farmer said it was okay...he at least cleared his plate.  I ate my green beans and salad and called it a night....for about 30 minutes and I needed some Frosted Flakes. 

Ohhhh!  And that same local grocery store.  They have only had the tiny bottles of Diet Dr Pepper the last THREE times I've been there.  What's the deal?  I need the tall bottles....caffeine people...must have it before school starts.  Just ask Jill....something about 'the minis' as she calls them makes you need your DDP. 

You've probably noticed a new addition to my blog...the cute little blog button dedicated to baby Cohen.  He needs all of our prayers and I know I am no blog with 300 followers, but if even one person sees my button and says a little prayer that helps in so many ways. 

I'm headed to Texas this weeked for Fab Five Girls Weekend with Amy, Katie and Molly, Allison, and Megan and Cohen.  Amy's hosting us and it'll feel so good to be home with all my girls.  This puts a huge smile on my face and makes me so happy.  I'm even more excited to finally get to "meet" baby Cohen for the first time :) 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

rainy sunday

It's a rainy day in the neighborhood. And I'm still in my pajamas with the fire on, watching Food Network, and blogging.  Ahhh, the life.  The only thing today missed was church, but the farmer is quite sickly so we didn't make it.

Last night Matt and I went out to Big K's to eat fish.  Big K's is a fish restaurant that a local farmer has every Saturday night during the off season in his shop barn.  And let me tell's some dannnnng good fish!  And homemade biscuits with powdered sugga....oh my, how heavenly.  I did limit myself to just one last night.  Aren't you proud of me?

fast forward about 5 hours.

In the middle of writing this blog post I was sent to the grocery store to pick up some medicine for the farmer.  He has been feeling yucky since Friday.  When I got home he told me he couldn't take it any longer...we were heading to the emergency room to see a doctor.  Believe it or not, there are no after hours clinics around here...or none that we can find.  So, off we go.  He was feeling pretty bad last night after we left dinner.  We were supposed to go to a fundraiser social that we were having for club and I ended up going with some friends by myself because he felt too sick to go.  When I got home at 1 AM (side note: can't remember the last time I was out until 1 AM!) he was on the couch wrapped up and slept until 1:00 today.  The doctors did blood tests and stomach x-rays and came up with that he may have the virus that's floating, after 3 hours at the hospital, a fenegran/demerol shot, and two prescriptions later we finally headed home.  Poor farmer went straight to bed. 

So...back to my original post.

Valentine's Day gifts.

Matt's birthday and Valentine's Day falls two days apart so this year I gave him a "birthentine" gift - tickets to the George Strait concert on March 6.  He was excited, but said he knew that's what I had gotten him because I told him we should go a few weeks ago...I guess I'm too predictable!  I surprised him with a few things on Valentine's Day for his "man garage" because he wasn't expecting anything more.  After church on Sunday we went by his parents house where he was hiding the goodies for me. 

The earrings and necklace are reversible...the heart reverses from all silver to wear everyday to glittering crystals for blingy celebrations. I haven't worn the "blingy" side yet...guess I'm a more simple silver kind of girl.  He bought them from the Brighton store...aren't you shocked he knows what Brighton is....and even knows where the Brighton store is!  He said he almost went in White House Black Market of my absolute favorite stores.  I would have been happy with that  too, but I looove my token of love.

Very heartfelt :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

love and prayers.

Well, here we are again and I am off school!  But this time there is no snow.  Just a good ol' day to remember our Presidents of the past.  Being a President has got to be a tough about being judged!  I prefer to think about past Presidents, not current....and that's where my talk about politics ends :)

This weekend every year turns out to be a busy one.  Matt's birthday was the 12th and then lovey dovey Valentine's Day!  My parents came up to see Matt for his birthday and of course Mom and I went shopping on Saturday.

Early Sunday morning while Matt was still sleeping I got up and made him these as part of his Valentine's Day gift.  They were yummy!

We spent our Valentine's Day at church in the morning, laying around the house, and then just as the slushy rain started to fall we headed to Little Rock for dinner at PF Changs and the movies.  Thankfully it was dry when we started to head home and not icy.  I went straight to bed with the intentions of sleeping, but couldn't turn off the Olympics!  I love them! 

Speaking of love....

I love my dear friend Megan.  

She is pregnant with sweet baby Cohen. This past week Megan and Brent got some news about little Cohen's heart that could result in surgery when he is born. Please pray for Megan, Brent, and Cohen.. During times like these we must remember that God is in control and to not lose faith.

I've been working on the new website for Park Street Market all day....such a time consuming project!  I'm also anxiously awaiting my new logo design.  Can't wait to show it off! 

Annnnd another week are going to be on a sugar high from all their Valentine's Day candy! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

superbowl and snow

It's quite ironic that the last time I blogged it was snowing, and what do ya's snowing again!  It hasn't snowed this much since I've lived in Arkansas and it seems strange to be out of school so many days for "snow days"...that was never heard of in Texas!  I had no idea it was going to snow.  My phone rang at 5:30 this morning with a recording from the principal that school had been closed for the day.  I told Matt that was school was cancelled due to weather and we both hopped out of bed to look out the window.  About 3:00 today I got the call that school was closed tomorrow so I guess I'll have another free day! 

We had two of our couple friends over for the Super Bowl yesterday.  Matt and I went in to Little Rock yesterday to visit our friends in the hospital who had a baby on Saturday night (welcome to the world little Fisher Holt Thaxton!) and stopped by WalMart on the way home to pick up food for our little get together. Here's my messy countertop during all the cooking and preparing.

I really had intentions of taking all these step-by-step pictures of the goodies I made, but we all have good intentions.  Our menu consisted of cheeseburgers/hamburgers, cheese dip, tortilla green chile rollups, and fruit and dip.  Since it was a small gathering we didn't really want/need that much food. 

The girls weren't too interested in the first half of the game so we pulled out Scrabble.  Matt and I are on a Scrabble kick...not that we have ever been on a boardgame kick, but since we've started playing Words with Friends on our iphones we have gotten pretty competitive.  Mom bought Matt the new special edition Scrabble plus Scrabble Dictionary for part of his birthday gift as a joke of his competitive nature!  He kicked my butt - 350 to 150 on Saturday night. 

Brea was very focused...and won. 

Brea and Meredith...Meredith is due to give birth to Madelyn Grace in April :)

Chad and Brea

The farmer and I

Clay and Meredith

Annnd of course I had to post pictures of the snow!  This is our patio table on the backporch this morning.

I convinced Matt to take me on a snow ride at the farm.  He thought I was crazy, but I wanted to enjoy the snow and the farm is so big and wide that the snow goes on for miles!  It was beautiful :)

The rest of my day was spent taking pictures of products for the shop to put on the new website.  I'm trying to get it all perfect for the big reveal at the end of February/beginning of March.  I figure the farmer and I will stay in tonight with a fire.  I might have to make some hot chocolate and turn on a movie...oh wait, it's Monday's 24 and Bachelor night!  I'm all messed up with not going to school. 

Hope you all have a good week...I'm looking forward to my class's Valentine's Day party on Friday and Matt's birthday on Friday!  My parents are coming up Friday night to celebrate his birthday and I have a feeling Mom and I will spend Saturday doing some shopping :) 


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