Monday, December 20, 2010

lessons two and three

School is in session! I am currently hosting a series on Grammar 101 - a refresher course! You are sure to learn something...I did!

GRAMMER 101: Lesson 2 - Copy Cat "G"

"G" usually copies "j" when it is followed by "e", "i", or "y".

gem      gentle      ginger

gym      page       edge

GRAMMER 101: Lesson 3 - Copy Cat "S"

"S" copies "z" when it is surrounded by vowels or at the end of a word, except after "f", "k", "o", or "t".

nose      rise      caves

sags      cabs      rose

fuse      use       hose

plays    pledges

Next Lesson: The Untouchables

1 comment:

In this wonderful life... said...

mrs.kelly - I need help with pucuation and quotations. sad, I know.

I mostly don't understand if I'm saying a song title (or something besides a full quoted sentence) at the end of a sentence.

I feel like it should be - Last night I listened to "Crash". With the period on the outside..but from what I've gathered (others told me)...period ALWAYS goes on inside? yes?


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