Wednesday, November 24, 2010

happy turkey day

I'm a little behind on blogging.  Imagine that. 

I've had several things to blog about since my last post like girls weekend, my birthday, opening weekend of deer hunting (don't worry, no hunting for me!), gender reveals for all my prego friends, and now Thanksgiving so it looks like I better get busy! 

During my last post I was getting ready to head to Tulsa for girls weekend, which also happened to be my birthday!  I took a "mental health" day on Friday and spent the day shopping with my mom and mother-in-law and then I headed to Fayetteville to meet up with Allison and then we made the last leg to Tulsa together.  The weekend was spent doing lots of catching up, late night talking, laughing, picture taking, pedicures, and of course eating.  We were five best friends just happy to be together :)

On Saturday night after dinner the girls had a little birthday party for was so sweet!

Don't look at my socks.  I'm so embarrased.  Not at the socks...they are super cute and Megan gave them to me, but how I have them rolled down.  Oh geesh.  Allison had the perfect idea for one of my gifts.  My pedicure girl was Awful with a capital A.  She didn't even use the little nippers!  Come on, when you get a pedicure they have to do some clean up with the little nippers...I was so, I got nippers!  I use them alllll the time :)

I spent the majority of my birthday driving back home, but the weekend was totally worth it.  When I got home I had several gifts and cake waiting on me.  It was sweet :) 

In case you are wondering, my house is completely ready for the holidays!  Finished decorating for Christmas today and will be up early in the morning cooking for Thanksgiving.  Love the holidays!  We will be spending Thanksgiving day with Matt's family and will head to Texas on Friday for Thanksgiving with my family....and Christmas card can probably guess how thrilled the farmer is about that! 

I am so thankful for so much this year - life with the farmer, a great family, the best friends a girl could ask for - old friends and new friends, a wonderful home, a great job, and much more.  I am truly blessed. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving - be sure to send a little word up to God on how thankful you are!

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Tiffany said...

Looks like yall had a great time! Happy Late Birthday! :)


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