Tuesday, October 26, 2010

double delicious

So I was glued to the TV when I watched my DVR recording of Oprah today - "America's Worst Cooks Get Rescued by Jessica Seinfield".  What really hooked me was the lasagna that she made in the crock pot.  Maybe because last night for dinner the farmer and I had a frozen lasagna...the Stouffer's kind that you just put in the oven and cook, pull the plastic cover off, and serve.  Easy peasy.  The farmer made the comment afterwards, "nothing like a good ol' frozen lasagna" to which I replied "next time I'll make it homemade" and then he ever so kindly reminded me that the last time I made homemade lasagna it was pretty much a disaster with a capital D. 

I was back and forth doing laundry and watching so I didn't pay as close of attention to the rest of the show, but I have it saved on DVR to get some more cooking tips.  I saw her first episode on Oprah, but wasn't too interested in her cookbook because it was more focused on children and pureeing food and as it is that I do not have children I didn't think I'd really benefit, but I think I'll try this one.  I may ask for it for my birthday - surely I can wait twelve days.  Don't think I will be making a trip to a bookstore between now and then. 

A funny about the show - Oprah had viewers send in videos convincing Oprah's staff that they were the worst cooks in America.  I was relating to several of them and then one was just a little much.  The woman uses her oven for storage!  She had all kinds of crap stuffed in her oven.  And even better?  Her crock pot lived on top of her refrigerator and in her crock pot?  Hair products!  Poor woman.

Speaking of cooking, Pioneer Woman had a recipe for scalloped sweet potatoes on the Tasty Kitchen blog. I'm not a big sweet potato eater, well, unless they have lots of butter and cinnamon on them, but these seem pretty tasty. 

I also have a few dip recipes I'm going to share soon.  They are YUM-O.

Doesn't all this food just make you want to eat?  Too bad it's going to make me gain a few pounds. Good thing I walked/ran 2 miles tonight. 

Now if I can just stay motivated.  You can eat all that crap if you exercise right???? :)


Things Gary Cares About said...

Keep up the walking and running. I am trying to cut back myself. Trying not to eat fried foods. See you soon babe.

In this wonderful life... said...

I love food! I watched this today too :) I have her first book...probably need to get this one, too!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a good recipe for scalloped sweet potatoes. Checking it out now


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