Friday, August 13, 2010

dear toms shoes, i love you.

My first encounter with TOMS shoes was when the farmer's best friend, Steven, came to hunt one weekend and walked in with TOMS on.  I had heard of them, but hadn't ever considered getting any.  I'll let you imagine what the farmer thought of them, not a big fan.

Fast forward ohhh let's say about two years.  I saw a girl wearing the burlap ones and thought to myself, "wow, those are really cute".  I then spotted them again in Warren's shoe store and decided then and there they were a must have.  Of course, then they didn't have my size.  Fortunately for me I know the owner of Warren's from when I lived in Texarkana and sent him a facebook message to let me know when they got my about great customer service...I got a message a few days later and the next day they were mine!  LOVE.THEM.

And then I spotted these when a few teachers and I were shopping after a workshop one day.  RED!  My love of red comes honestly from my mother because I do believe she would have dressed me in red everyday of my childhood if she could.  I remember all kinds of clothes in red and big red bows that used to sit on top of my head. 

And I suppose this for sure is a sign I'm a teacher.  Don't you think of red when you think Kindergarten teacher? I do, but I don't know why?  Apples maybe. 

I wore them for the first time two days ago to a workshop at school with some cute black shorts and white top.  Like any new pair of shoes they started to rub the back of my ankle, hate that, but UNLIKE any other pair of new shoes I've ever owned after wearing them the first day they quit rubbing by the afternoon and became so comfortable!  I now love these just as much as my burlap ones...and I just looove the pop of color (sound like HGTV) they give an outfit. 

I have a feeling both pair will be worth the $40 I spent because when you teach Kindergarten you need high heels or stiletto's on these feet.  And they keep my little toesies warm in our super freezing school. 

Oh, and for the two pair I bought two pairs were donated to a child in need.  Can't beat that. 

On a side note, just posted an engagement session over at Whitney Kelly Photography!  Cute photo session at the farm that ended with a tick takeover. 


Lenzi said...

Just got your comment on my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! I'm following you now too!

Josh Healy said...

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carlotta said...

I haven't gotten any TOMS yet, but I'd love to...when I went to the store to look at them, they didn't have any in my size. So I'm going to have to go back...
Love the ones you got!

TOMS Shoe Fans said...

we like the TOMS One for One movement, we started a fan site devoted to their shoes, company, and cause.


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