Tuesday, July 20, 2010

school, mosquitos, and gus.

I lay on the couch every night and read all these fabulous blogs and love what they have to say...and then I open mine to write a post and I'm absolutely brain dead.  I have no philosophical words of wisdom to leave with my readers.  I apologize for that.  Maybe one day my journalistic ability will return. 

My only words of wisdom tonight are: "STAY AWAY FROM MOSQUITOS."  I killed two at school today, one while cooking dinner, and I have another swarming me as I type.  I swear they follow me.  Why can't they hang out in the guest bedroom?  Why the living room at the couch where I am laying?  These aren't little baby  mosquitos, these are huge killer mosquitos and they pretty much have no purpose to be on Earth.  I do question God daily on why he created them...they piss me off daily.  Living in Central Arkansas surrounded by rice fields is torturous during mosquito season.  I have become a pro skin slapping mosquito killer.

Speaking of my classroom, please don't fret over how horrific this sight is.  It looks a little better by now.  This was taken a week ago when I first got moved in to my classroom...I've made a little progress.  Would it bother anyone else that I start workshops on August 9 which means no classroom work and school starts on August 19 and I didn't get moved into my classroom until July 13? 

This year I'm doing an outdoorsy/camping theme.  Thank you to my wonderful mother who bought me this super cute tent.  Wouldn't you love reading in this when you were in Kindergarten?

You  may have noticed the cute animal chair in the tent.  Here are his two friends.  I'll go ahead and tell you now that these chairs were such a deal!  $6!  Oh wait, not really if you count the gas money my mother spent driving 45 miles away to get them because the local store was out of them.  That's love.

I should have invented wall decals.  The green frog on the bookshelf has been named Augustus McRae (the farmer's favorite character from Lonesome Dove...Mom named it) and will be called Auggie the Froggie.  The kids will feed him everyday.  My mother is so creative.

On a sidenote:  So, the farmer is OBSESSED with Lonesome Dove...he got my dad hooked on it.  If you've never watched it, be prepared because it's a six hour long movie.  Anyways, one of my college friends got a new dog and named him Augustus McRae to pay homage to Gus from LD.  The conversation with the farmer went a little like this:

Me: "A friend of mine from college got a new labrodoodle and she named him Augustus McRae."
Farmer: Completely fascianted with a huge smile, "Are you serious?  That is awesome!"
Me: "Guess it's time for you to get a new dog so you can name him Gus."

a few minutes pass.

Farmer: "When we have a child we are going to name him Jace Augustus McRae Kelly."
Me: "Ha, ummm Jace? Where did that come from?"
Farmer: "Jace is the Duck Commander! Duck Commander and Gus!"

We are going to have problems when it comes to naming our children one day. I've watched Duck Commander once and I was not impressed with Jace.  At all.

(mosquito is back.  if it wasn't dark he'd be toast.)

Obviously this classroom is pretty much consuming my life at the moment.  I can't believe I'm saying it, but I think I am ready for school to start just so I can be done setting up the new room.  It's driving me crazy and makes me tiiiiiired. 

Of course when school starts I will no longer be able to sleep until 8:00, mosey to the couch and watch the Today Show until 10:00 while having a bowl of cereal and Diet Dr. Pepper. 

Boy, don't I sound lazy! Oh well.  That's the real reason I became a teacher anyways.  The summers.  Wait!  Did I say that?  It's really about being a positive influence to the new generation and doing my part to change the world. 

Ahh, who am I kidding!


Ashley E. said...

OMG. I LOVE the tent!!! Reading was my absolute favorite thing to do all through elementary school. We never had any cool reading nooks like that! Another neat idea I saw someone do was they had a old clawfoot bathtub with tons of pillows in it that the kids could go sit and read in that. Have a great day!

Tiffany said...

Your classroom is going to be so super cute! I share your hate for mosquitos - I grew up in SE Missouri and we had TONS of them. They love me and I hate them.

Cathy said...

Keep working. The class is looking great. Every little kid that doesn't have you for a teacher is going to be jealous!

Ashley E. said...

Yes, we live in Little Rock. We love it here! Where do you live in Arkansas? We visit Texarkana all the time btw, my husband's gparents live there. :)

The Shepherds said...

The mosqitos ARE bad there. Hate it! I remember the first tine I went to tichnor, I couldn't believe it. Love the classroom! Too cad my kindergartener can't be a camper!

d.a.r. said...

omg your classroom is adorable!!


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