Monday, July 5, 2010

feels like forever

I think Katie said it best when she told me one day, "I've been having Cohen weeks of silence".  Seems like most of us have done the same.  I returned home from my trip to Tulsa for Cohen's memorial service feeling blessed for being given the opportunity to be there for his birth and knowing him the eleven precious days that he was in our lives.  He will never be forgotten.  I am completely amazed how his story touched so many people's lives and how it helped bring faith in God and prayer back to those who may have unfortunately lost that part of their life.

If in the odd case you are reading my blog and don't know of baby Cohen's story you can catch up at, Megan's blog, or

Looking back over the past month and a half I feel like my blog has missed out!  A highlight of May was a weekend trip to Hot Springs with Amy.  We met up on Saturday morning, shopped around downtown, and had lunch at a little local Italian food restaruant.  That afternoon we checked in at the spa at the Arlington Hotel and had a hot bath and first time to experience the hot bath...quite an adventure!  I felt like I was in an old war movie in a hospital with the nurses in white walking around everywhere.  The bath was relaxing, but I enjoyed being wrapped in warm towels a little more, it was a little more relaxing to me, except of course when they threw the towels on...umm, can we say ouch?  We ate at an AMAZING restaurant on Saturday night, Central Park Fusion, and while it was a little pricey, it was completely worth it.  Sunday we headed out to Garvan Gardens and then decided next time we should probably visit the gardens in March...come May it's not as bloomy.  We had such a great time that we decided to make it an annual trip...already looking forward to next year's weekend visit :)

Amy's fancy dinner Saturday night with the largest asparagus EVER. those mashed potatoes were delish!

Sunday morning we had breakfast at The Pancake Shop.  It was a packed house and delicious!

Amy at Garvan Woodland Gardens :)

and this poor lady, she must not have checked her pants for tags before putting them on.

In her defense, later when we saw her the tag was gone.

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July holiday!  Ours was pretty laid back, spent around the house...the farmer hasn't been feeling too well.  I did get some entertainment from the kids across the street and their fireworks.  I'm pretty sure there was a neighborhood firework show competition between our street and the one next to us...let's just say that they kicked our butts. 

Maybe next year. 

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