Saturday, July 24, 2010

bulletin board frenzy

Doing bulletin boards in a classroom is a creative soul's dream!  But they take lots of time.  Well, if you are me at least.  Thanks to Jill for the wonderful tissue paper's a HUGE hit with the teachers.  I already have two wondering when I'm coming to do their boards!

My "themed" board for my camping/outdoorsy themed room.  The blue bookshelf desperately needs to be re-painted, but the farmer is a little sentimental about the was in his bedroom when he was a tot and didn't want it re-painted.  Navy doesn't really fit my color scheme, but it'll do.

In our Kindergarten classroom we live by Dr. Seuss's rules!

My mom bought me these magnetic passes without knowing that pretty much nothing in our old building is a magnetic surface.  So, my good dad drilled some holes for me, which turned into a blistered foot disaster for my mom when buying the ribbon.  But, they are done and hanging and cute!

My board in the hallway that welcomes everyone to my outdoorsy owly paradise!

I'm taking the weekend off from working at the school.  I needed a little break and shall return Monday and then workshopping it for three days. 

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Cathy said...

Love the bulletin boards cause that tells me you are getting there with the room! That is a major job!

Melissa said...

I cannot even think about going back to school yet lol, however I LOVE your bulletin boards! How did you do the tissue paper? I want to do it!

Ashley E. said...

This post makes me want to buy school supplies SO bad!! ha!

Mary said...

I love your bulletins!!! Especially the owl one.


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