Sunday, June 13, 2010

precious Cohen

I am so behind on blogging.  I have a trip to Hot Springs with Amy and our new beautiful yard to post about, but this post has been heavy on my heart.  It is dedicated to the birth of precious Cohen Marshall.  I'm pretty sure that anyone that reads this blog already knows about baby Cohen, but just incase I have some new visitors you need to click over to Megan at to read Cohen's story. 

The birth of baby Cohen was the latest gathering of the Fab Five.  Megan had temporarily moved to Dallas a few weeks before and the rest of us met in Dallas on Sunday, June 6 for Cohen's arrival on Monday, June 7.

When I was uploading pictures I kept getting so frustrated because this picture would not go to the bottom where it was supposed to be.  I tried several times and then I realized that maybe the top is where it needed to be because this picture symbolizes a lot about the weekend - five best friends...and we all needed to be there to support Megan. 

Katie and I rode to Dallas together because we both happened to be in Texarkana.  When we arrived in Dallas we met Megan and Brent at Northpark Mall for lunch at PF Changs.  Yum!

All of our feet had been neglected so we headed upstairs to the Avalon Spa for a pre-baby pedicure.

All but Allison.  She takes care of her toes, but she needed a mani.

We had a nice surprise from our dear friend from highschool, James, who came by the hotel to give his love and support to Megan and Brent. 

After dinner the fab five spent a little time with Megan.  Along with our parents, we created a "shower in a box" to shower Megan with a few things before Cohen's arrival. 

Monday morning.  It's time!

Amy, Allison, Katie, and I were there.  And there was no where else we would have rather been :)

The tiny private waiting room for Cohen's supporters!

Finally!  Welcome to the world Cohen :)  Born at 8:55AM, he was 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 inches long. Such a cutie with a head full of hair!

This little boy is a fighter!  He is six days old and has had four surgeries in five days and is having more surgery today.  He needs all of our prayers.  Today he is about to have another heart cath to locate a collatoral, an artery that is producing excess blood that does not need to be there.  This is CRITICAL so if you are reading this blog post, please send a little prayer up to the ultimate healer. 

I'll be heading back to Dallas in two weeks to go to market with mom, but more importantly to go see baby Cohen and Megan.  Can't wait until that day!

Megan, Brent, and Cohen - the Kellys love you and are praying for you :)


Danielle said...

You girls are such sweet friends! It makes my heart happy to see y'all supporting Megan like this. Thanks for sharing <3 Praying for Cohen!

sassy said...

what a sweet bunch of gals! you are a good friend!


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