Wednesday, May 12, 2010

stick a fork in me. i'm done.

I am finally done!  With graduate school that is.  I started back in January of 2008 with a few pre-requisites for Arkansas that I needed and last Saturday, May 8, I graduated with a 3.917 GPA :) A 4.0 would have been nice, but I'll take what I can get. 

My parents came up for graduation and stayed the night since Sunday was Mother's Day.  I'm so glad I got to spend the day with my dear momma.  Here's a play by play of the weekend :)

My dear friend Leslie came to happy to have her there! She graduates in December and I'll be there to cheer her on.  We are crossing our fingers she gets a teaching job this summer.

Well, you can barely see me, but I'm there in the middle of the picture getting hooded.  I wasn't quite sure what "hooding" was, but that's the tradition of graduating with a Masters.  It didn't go on my head like a hood, which is what I was imagining, ha!  Just around my neck. 

There's me after graduation.  Big smile because I have noooo more homework! 

The farmer and I after graduation. 

The farmer was happy about the pay raise that was coming with this new degree! 

Leslie and I...I look like a cow in the black gown. 

My family :)
 Mom and Dad need to learn how to smile for pictures...they should have a big smile on their face because they get a pay raise more paying for school!  Dad asked about my doctorate and I'm opting out at this moment in time. 

So, for graduation from Matt and his parents I got two oak trees.  May seem strange to some, but it's a very unique gift and I love my trees!  Since we have a new house we have no trees and they are a long lasting gift.  My father-in-law said that one of my mother-in-law's students gave her a tree years ago and it's still in their yard.  To me it kind of symbolizes the life of a student...they start out small with just a few leaves and they grow up and gain new leaves or knowledge the older they get.  Oh me getting all philosophical...on with the playbook. 

Anyways, the farmer and I with one of the trees :) and his dirty farm truck. A little photo shoot on Mothers Day before heading over to the grandparents to eat.

the other tree. please take a moment to imagine how grand it will be when I retire...all the leaves will represent all my little kiddos!

the diggers.  thanks to dad and the farmer for planting the trees while mom and I were shopping.

Stratton, the farmer's cousin, and his fiance, Sarah at Mothers Day lunch

And we're finally home and relaxing. 

The weekend was fun, but went by way to fast!  It was back to the grind on Monday, but only a few more weeks left.  We've still got some work to do in class and then I'll be packing up my room and heading to Kindergarten :)  Yay for little people!


Caroline said...

Congratulations on graduation!!!

Cathy said...

Life is grand! I think you left out the pictures from Larry's Pizza. :) They can read that on my blog I guess. ha SOOOOO happy you are a graduate.

Karen said...

congrats whitney! what a wonderful accomplishment. so glad summer's coming so you can have some down time.

allison @ designing woman said...

when i read this title, all i could think about was mrs. mitchell always saying, "you're not a cake, you're not done. you're FINISHED."

are you having a huge party? we need to celebrate!


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