Tuesday, May 25, 2010

spring tablescape

In April I had a bridal shower for a good family friend which prompted me to move the candlesticks I love so dearly off of my kitchen table so I would be able to decorate for the shower.  I moved the one of a kind candlesticks to my bathroom on my tub deck and I actually kind of like what it adds to the decor in there.  Since Spring was in full bloom I wanted something a little more springy for my table.  I didn't want something overkill, just simple. 

I always seem to find the best things with my momma.  After graduation a few weeks ago we sent the men back home and we stayed in Little Rock to do some shopping.  I was giving up hope of finding anything and then we walked in Vesta's and there was adorable fat round somewhat bubbled glass vase.  Fell in love.  We bought the vase and were going to stop at Hobby Lobby to get some flowers for it, but strangely enough found this neat bamboo at Hallmark when we ran in to get a candle and Mother's Day card for the mother-in-law. 

And here it is! I took this picture with  my phone once we got it set up. I just love the simplicity of it. 

Please take notice of the two new chairs on the ends too.  Thanks to momma for buying us the chairs for my graduation present :)  We've had the table since we got married....it was a steal as a display at Pottery Barn and bought the four chairs at Target, but if I was smart I would have bought six chairs.  Six chairs wouldn't probably fit in my last dining room actually, but lately we've been in desperate need of two end chairs.  Coming to the rescue...I O Metro, oh how I love you.  And oddly enough, they are comfortable! 

I'm working on a giveaway (can't believe I am doing a giveaway!)...coming soon!


Cathy said...

I was wondering the other day if the bamboo is still alive. Love the simple look.

Karen said...

i love your dining room! the chairs, the centerpiece--all very chic!


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