Sunday, April 25, 2010

personalized magnet boards

Are any of you like me who have this brand new awesome stainless refrigerator that magnets won't stick to?  How do you post up invitations, birth announcements, fun pictures on your refrigerator if it won't create yourself a magnetic board.

A few weeks ago when I was in Texas at my parents house my mom and I worked on a new project...then life got busy, we had testing at school, trying to finish up my masters, and I hosted a huge bridal shower at my house.  Hopefully with graduation in two weeks life will slow down and I'll have more time for my new project/hobby and be able to create for you and your friends.

The idea came about because I needed a new cute magnetic board for our desk area at our new house.  Mom and I searched and searched and couldn't find a cute one so we decided "why not make one ourselves???"  So we did. 

We have a good friend who has a sheet metal business so I have a good source for cut sheet metal.  Ken cut the magnetic metal for us and put holes in the top.  You can get the metal at a local home improvement store if you don't have an awesome Ken.  We spray painted the board and then let our creativity juices flow and voila! my new magnetic board.  You would be amazed at how many things you can find at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc to make your board to fit your style...and spray adhesive...a new discovery and I love it!

While I was in Texas I found these super cute silver letter magnets so I picked up a K, E, L, L, and Y to use for magnets.  I also have turned buttons into magnets, but don't them on the board in this picture.

Like what you see?  Need a cute, personalized magnetic board?  Let me know!

I have several blank boards in stock that I can make to your liking. Think how great these boards would be for birthday or Christmas gifts?  Or just a gift for yourself :)  I also plan to create a few framed ones too if that's more your style.

The board looks super cute in our mini "office" desk area in the kitchen.  Now we can post the million birth announcements we are getting these days and pin up invitations so we won't be so forgetful :)

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Hanna Jossett said...

i would love much are they going for? definitly count me in.... email me with details:

jill said...

love these!!! too cute!

Karen said...

those are precious!! what a cool, clever idea! i love it!


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