Sunday, April 4, 2010

green thumb

This week I suppose I got a green thumb and decided to make the outside of our house look a little more cheerful and Springy :)  We are in the process of getting flower beds put in, but since it's rained all we have is the green metal edging and tilled up dirt. 

Mom and I found this rocker at a consignment store for $70.  I wasn't sure if the farmer would like it for the porch, but all he had to hear was "mom bought us..." and he's perfectly fine with it!  I'd really like more than one rocker on the porch, but I think I want them all to be unique so they will have to come as we find them.  The rocker was a little awkward sitting by itself so I added this super cute planter next to it that I picked up at market a few months ago.  Bringing out the planter started my green thumb shopping spree! 

I had no clue what coconut liner was, but alas, I do now!  It worked perfect as a liner for the planter. Word to the wise - don't try cutting it.  It was super tough to cut and then I realized you can just tear it apart. Geesh louise.  While at Lowe's I also picked up an impatia? and a few english ivy plants to use as filler.  I used leftover brick stacked up to sit the hanging basket on for height, but after my second project today I have quite a bit of potting soil left so this week I plan to take the plants out of the baskets and re-plant them in soil in the pretty iron coconut lined planter.

The green thumb extended to today.  The farmer and I went over to his parents house for Easter lunch and our Easter baskets were sitting in the garage...two Easter geranium baskets!  I thought it was a pretty clever idea.  She thought our new house needed some new pretty plants.  Love the plants, but these pretty Easter baskets ended up costing me $85 after another trip to Lowe's!  I came home with two pots, two trays to sit the pots on, a bag of potting soil, and a bag of gravel...apparently you need the gravel in the bottom to help drain...sure didn't know that beforehand!

I had the cute little cart at the shop as one of our display pieces and since the shop closed it has been sitting in storage so with my Mom's brillant idea I loaded it up and brought it home to use on my backporch.  Mom's really a smart lady because look how cute it looks on my backporch!

The other day I was shopping at The Full Moon, just about my FAVORITE store in Little Rock and they had the cutest made of rock gardeny looking pig. I've decided the pig needs a new home and that new home is on my porch cart.  Can't wait to shop for cute gardeny outdoorsy things to finish this project.  I know you can't wait to see what I have up my sleeve...truth is, me either! HA. 

I've never been one to be excited about flowers or my yard.  I guess it's because I've never really had flowers or a yard that I've cared about too much.  Just as I was starting to like it at my house in Texarkana I met the farmer, sold my house, and moved.  Moved to a pink house that had an over abundance of plants and flowers, I'm talking way out of control insanely crazy green yard.  Poor old lady that lived there before us must have spent millions on plants and flowers for her yard, but it was just a little too much for me.  So, I ignored it. 

Today it was so beautiful outside and I had so much fun fixing up my little pots!  The farmer laughed at me and wanted to criticize my techniques, but I told him to come do it himself or let me do it how I want to do it!  I told him that I am no farmer, I'm just married to one!

Now the big question is.....can Whitney keep these three plants alive?  Guess we'll see.  Although I'm doing a pretty good job so far.  Granted one is just two days old and the other not even a day old.  The farmer is shocked I haven't killed them yet.  Ye of little faith.

He also told me that I need to "water these plants because these are our plants and we have to be responsible and keep them alive". 

Are these plants or kids? 


jill said...

i got bit by the spring bug too, friend! but mine cost me more like $165 ... oops. :) i planted two big pots full of mixed petunias and marigolds ... but i didn't know about the gravel?!? nobody told me! hope they'll be okay? we also planted petuniuas, marigolds, and impatients in the front flower beds. i too am praying that i keep them alive. otherwise, i have no way to justify my little spree! ha! LOVE your cart, too. super presh!

Melissa said...

Everything looks great!

My husband is the same way! If my mom gets us something, he's all for it, but if I bought the same thing, he'd tell me it's ugly and he doesn't want to use it lol

Cathy said...

I think you need to do a whole blog on the second sentence in the second paragraph - 1st 5 words!:) For those of you with small children, there WILL come a time that this will happen. May take 26 years or so! hahaha Don't flowers make a house look like a home. Just wished I loved working in the yard more.

Shuggie's Mom said...

your porch and patio look wonderful. that cart is so cool; might make a nice server during a cookout, hmmm? i can kill ivy, so my thumb is far from green, but do love pretty flowers and landscapes. good job!!

Cathy said...

Correction....that would be the second paragraph, second sentence, first five words AFTER THE FIRST PICTURE! ha


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