Tuesday, March 2, 2010

you can call us the fab five.


Because we are FAB.  We are the FAB FIVE.


I spent the past weekend in my old stomping grounds for fab five girls weekend. Amy hosted us at her house and it was quite enjoyable.  But life always is with my four best friends.  It was a nice laid back weekend.  We try to get together every six months, but since we've had such busy lives it's been a year! 
Molly joined us for her first girls weekend!  She came over on Saturday and played with us...hopefully we kept her entertained so she'll want to come back next year.  Isn't she precious?

Off to lunch at TLC....best. cheeseburger. ever. 

a little continuous camera action on the way.

after lunch we took a walk through downtown where Allison had her 2010 senior pictures taken

one of the highlights of our day was a stop to see one of our favorite bloggers (who we just so happened to go to highschool with) jill.  Too bad little Sophie wasn't there to grace us with her presence.  By the way, she has a super cute house!

We had dinner on Saturday night downtown at our favorite local Mexican restaurant Zapatas.  The fab five moms joined us which will come in my next post because this one is on picture overload! 

Aren't we cute?  These four girls are my absolute best friends ever.  And they always will be.  I remind myself every day how blessed I am to have such great friends that I can sit around for a whole weekend and do absolutely nothing but talk and eat, eat, eat and enjoy it so much.  Having a group of friends that have stayed so close eight years out of highschool is a rare occurrence and I'm so lucky.  We are all different, but all alike. 

I loooove them. 


jill said...

y'all are too adorable for words! LOVED getting to see you!!!! the wild woman will have to meet y'all next time ... she would totally fit in. :)

Cathy said...

That doesn't come by luck, it comes by determination to stay close. Takes lots of effort, especially with you all living in different cities! Love you girls! Thanks for letting the Fab Moms join you for Saturday dinner - especially so we could pay! ha

Shuggie's Mom said...

You're so right Cathy, it does take extreme effort to keep long distance friendships going. I'm really jealous of the relationship our girls have-it is rare and they are so fortunate. It really was nice that the FAB MOMS were wanted Saturday night, even we knew from the get-go that we were going to pay! Great post Whitney. :)

Katie Mentzel said...

haha i'm laughing about the paying comment by Karen! haha great weekend :O) Love the pictures and the post


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