Sunday, March 7, 2010

just a little corn kernel

If you have good eyes you will notice something in my washing machine. 

In case you have bad eyes, here's a little closer look. 

This my friends is a corn kernel.  I know you are wondering how corn got in my washing machine. 

To you, this is just a vegetable you cook at night to feed your family.  To me, this means farming season has approached and the farmer will be spending many hours on a tractor or in grain bins and his pockets will now be filled with rice, soybeans, or corn kernels.  The farmer and I met in 2006 so this is my fifth farming season and I hope that I've adjusted and will handle it better this year than before.  Matt's schedule is changing to the farming schedule where he's up early and home late and spends his days in the field.  Sometimes it worries me how much he works, but if there is one thing he is completely passionate about it is his farm. 

This past weekend my mom brought me The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.  I've been dying to have it, but haven't ever gotten around to buying it.  I'M OBSESSED as is most everyone else I know that has the cookbook.  I immediately began reading the stories and ooohing and aaahing over the recipes.  While the Oscars are on tonight I plan on finishing the cookbook, reading it from cover to cover.  Mom brought the "Angel Sugar Cookies" and they are the best sugar cookies I've ever had. 

I feel like The Pioneer Woman and I are somewhat alike. She grew up in a larger town. I grew up in a somewhat large town.  She spent her summers at the pool. I spent my summers at the lake.  She took trips to New York with her mom.  I took trips to New York with my mom.  She was "attached to all the wonderful conveniences of a surburban existence: landscaped lawns, manicures, pedicures, facials, take-out food, and lots of shopping".  I too was attached to my manicures, pedicures, take-out food, and lots of shopping. (Take-out and shopping is hard to come by...we have pizza, bbq, and Sonic...and the closest Target is 30 minutes away!)  She is now married and lives on a cattle ranch.  I am now married and live in a farm town.  While I don't have cows in my yard daily and piles of horse maure on my porch, I most definitely have a dusty pile of clothes that reaches the ceiling. 

Now if only I could cook like her.  My farmer would love me even more.

Guess I can at least try.


jill said...

haha! LOVE this post!!! you're SO another p-dub, friend. :) have a good week!

Cathy said...

I think for a gal that never knew anything about cooking, washing, or cleaning, you have come a long ways baby! Real proud of you!


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