Wednesday, March 17, 2010

blah blah

A snippet of life in my classroom yesterday.

Student A (who happens to be a boy): "Is that your husband?   He's ugly!"

Suddenly Student B's head turned to Student A and her eyes got big as she responded.

"Nuh uh!  He's sexxxxxxy!"

Ohhhh kids say the darndest things.  Especially in my class.  Trust me, you should come visit. 


I sit and try to think why life has been so busy lately and I really have no idea.  I've been spending lots of time at night working on the new Park Street Market website and I'm finally on the downhill slide.  Hopefully it will be up soon....stay tuned because don't worry, I will announce it!  I'm all about some new and improved advertising.  Bloggy style. 

I guess I have also been working on homework.  Boo.  Let me just say that May 8 at 10 AM can not come soon enough.  I will be a graduate school graduate and I'm ready...because I am sick of in me attending school, not teaching.  That would be bad if I was already sick of school considering I just started teaching in September.  Oh and I had to take a killer test on Saturday.  Here's the run down.

4 case studies.
3 questions per case study.
2 parts per question
2 other parts to each part to each question to each case study

Oh, and about 20 multiple choice.  All in 2 hours.  YEAH RIGHT.

Good thing I took 4 pencils because I was definitely on my 4th pencil when time was called...and I literally finished my test let's say ohhhh 20 seconds before time was called.  Lovely.


I am sooooooooooooooooo ready for Spring Break.  Friday please come soon.  On Saturday I'm heading to Wye Mountain with Brea and baby Lily to take some pictures at the Daffodil Festival.  I'm pretty excited about all the pretty flowers...that means Spring!  I'm helping a friend her "re-accessorize" her house on Monday afternoon, having lunch/early dinner with a dear friend in Little Rock one day, and have a trip to Texarkana planned to see mom and pops (and hopefully Amy and Jordan and whoever else) which will require a trip to TaMollys to grab some Mexican food and I already have a pedi and mani scheduled with my favorite nail lady for Friday morning. 


This blog clearly has no specific point.  Very random. 

Whoever this is singing on American Idol is hideous in my opinion.  Ke$ha? Why does she have a dollar sign in her name?  Guess she likes the money honey.  Her backup dancers are wearing TV heads and she has on an Indian headdress.  The song is called "blah, blah, blah"....quite frankly that's what I think about her performance.

In case you are wondering, I'm tired. 

And blah. 

Blah blah.


Jerry said...

Hey Whit, put me on your schedule next week. Maybe us girls can have dinner, or just come by! Habg in there, 2 more days, you can do it!
Oh,and that Blah Blah lady was so gross,I switched channels!
Love you, Mama Lisa

Cathy said...

oh yes! dinner, lunch, visit or all! blah, blah, blah!

jill said...

bless your heart! hope life slows down soon ... sounds like you need a break! maybe the wild woman and i will run into you while you're in town next week. :)

allison @ designing woman said...

I thought of that song even before i started reading! And she's a weirdo. Glad the test is over for u!

Katie Mentzel said...

whit you crack me up! I love your posts :) and love you!


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