Sunday, February 21, 2010

rainy sunday

It's a rainy day in the neighborhood. And I'm still in my pajamas with the fire on, watching Food Network, and blogging.  Ahhh, the life.  The only thing today missed was church, but the farmer is quite sickly so we didn't make it.

Last night Matt and I went out to Big K's to eat fish.  Big K's is a fish restaurant that a local farmer has every Saturday night during the off season in his shop barn.  And let me tell's some dannnnng good fish!  And homemade biscuits with powdered sugga....oh my, how heavenly.  I did limit myself to just one last night.  Aren't you proud of me?

fast forward about 5 hours.

In the middle of writing this blog post I was sent to the grocery store to pick up some medicine for the farmer.  He has been feeling yucky since Friday.  When I got home he told me he couldn't take it any longer...we were heading to the emergency room to see a doctor.  Believe it or not, there are no after hours clinics around here...or none that we can find.  So, off we go.  He was feeling pretty bad last night after we left dinner.  We were supposed to go to a fundraiser social that we were having for club and I ended up going with some friends by myself because he felt too sick to go.  When I got home at 1 AM (side note: can't remember the last time I was out until 1 AM!) he was on the couch wrapped up and slept until 1:00 today.  The doctors did blood tests and stomach x-rays and came up with that he may have the virus that's floating, after 3 hours at the hospital, a fenegran/demerol shot, and two prescriptions later we finally headed home.  Poor farmer went straight to bed. 

So...back to my original post.

Valentine's Day gifts.

Matt's birthday and Valentine's Day falls two days apart so this year I gave him a "birthentine" gift - tickets to the George Strait concert on March 6.  He was excited, but said he knew that's what I had gotten him because I told him we should go a few weeks ago...I guess I'm too predictable!  I surprised him with a few things on Valentine's Day for his "man garage" because he wasn't expecting anything more.  After church on Sunday we went by his parents house where he was hiding the goodies for me. 

The earrings and necklace are reversible...the heart reverses from all silver to wear everyday to glittering crystals for blingy celebrations. I haven't worn the "blingy" side yet...guess I'm a more simple silver kind of girl.  He bought them from the Brighton store...aren't you shocked he knows what Brighton is....and even knows where the Brighton store is!  He said he almost went in White House Black Market of my absolute favorite stores.  I would have been happy with that  too, but I looove my token of love.

Very heartfelt :)


d.a.r. said...

hope the boy feels better, sounds awful!!

And GORGEOUS jewelery!!

Cathy said...

now aren't you down right ashamed you accused him of not wanting to go to that social function when the poor guy was about to die?!?! :)


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