Monday, February 15, 2010

love and prayers.

Well, here we are again and I am off school!  But this time there is no snow.  Just a good ol' day to remember our Presidents of the past.  Being a President has got to be a tough about being judged!  I prefer to think about past Presidents, not current....and that's where my talk about politics ends :)

This weekend every year turns out to be a busy one.  Matt's birthday was the 12th and then lovey dovey Valentine's Day!  My parents came up to see Matt for his birthday and of course Mom and I went shopping on Saturday.

Early Sunday morning while Matt was still sleeping I got up and made him these as part of his Valentine's Day gift.  They were yummy!

We spent our Valentine's Day at church in the morning, laying around the house, and then just as the slushy rain started to fall we headed to Little Rock for dinner at PF Changs and the movies.  Thankfully it was dry when we started to head home and not icy.  I went straight to bed with the intentions of sleeping, but couldn't turn off the Olympics!  I love them! 

Speaking of love....

I love my dear friend Megan.  

She is pregnant with sweet baby Cohen. This past week Megan and Brent got some news about little Cohen's heart that could result in surgery when he is born. Please pray for Megan, Brent, and Cohen.. During times like these we must remember that God is in control and to not lose faith.

I've been working on the new website for Park Street Market all day....such a time consuming project!  I'm also anxiously awaiting my new logo design.  Can't wait to show it off! 

Annnnd another week are going to be on a sugar high from all their Valentine's Day candy! 


In this wonderful life... said...

Thanks sweet lady! love you too!

those strawberries look yum

jill said...


and i love, love the pictures of you and hubby! the one of you looking at him while he smiles is my fave. :) and your dad is pretty cute too!

hope you enjoyed your day off ... boo hiss! ha!

lesli said...

you look good, girl! i can tell your hard work shredding is paying off!

Katie Mentzel said...

cute pictures of you and matt! I love matts beard in progress! Erik is jealous. Your dad and Matt look so much alike to me! Is that weird to say?

Cathy said...

Katie: I accuse Janet and Gary having known each other at least for one night 28 years ago! Matt is soooo like Gary! ha
Whitney: You have come a long ways baby.....making chocolate covered strawberries. Just think, if you lived where you could eat out, you still probably wouldn't know how to cook!
Loved being there with Matt for his birthday and of course, LOVED shopping on Saturday.

RN Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Those strawberries look crazy delicious! Your husband is a luck man!

I also checked out your photography website, you do amazing work!


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