Wednesday, February 24, 2010

best. pasta. ever.

For the best pasta dish ever you will need:

linguine noodles, uncooked
flank steak, cooked in thin strips
red bell pepper
sour cream
onion and chive cream cheese

.......wait, what am I thinking? 

I hated it. 

I picked up a magazine at the local grocery store that had tonnnns of recipes.  I thought it wouldn't hurt...surely there was one good recipe in it.  Well, I tore out one page with 4 recipes and I only liked 1 recipe on the page.  I made a trip to that same grocery store today to get all the ingredients, came home, got to cooking, and even pulled out my camera to document every step so you would be sure to know exactly how to make this gourmet mushroom and steak linguine. 

Then I took one bite.  I'll spare you the pictures because I don't want you to put forth the effort for a not so good meal.  The farmer said it was okay...he at least cleared his plate.  I ate my green beans and salad and called it a night....for about 30 minutes and I needed some Frosted Flakes. 

Ohhhh!  And that same local grocery store.  They have only had the tiny bottles of Diet Dr Pepper the last THREE times I've been there.  What's the deal?  I need the tall bottles....caffeine people...must have it before school starts.  Just ask Jill....something about 'the minis' as she calls them makes you need your DDP. 

You've probably noticed a new addition to my blog...the cute little blog button dedicated to baby Cohen.  He needs all of our prayers and I know I am no blog with 300 followers, but if even one person sees my button and says a little prayer that helps in so many ways. 

I'm headed to Texas this weeked for Fab Five Girls Weekend with Amy, Katie and Molly, Allison, and Megan and Cohen.  Amy's hosting us and it'll feel so good to be home with all my girls.  This puts a huge smile on my face and makes me so happy.  I'm even more excited to finally get to "meet" baby Cohen for the first time :) 


Jennifer said...

I hate when recipes that sound good just don't turn out well! It's always so disappointing. I love the praying for Cohen button!

In this wonderful life... said...

Cohen can't wait to meet you either! Sorry the pasta was no good :(

jill said...

that's totally why i don't cook. nothing i make EVER comes out right! boo hiss to the mini-bottles. i've decided ddp makes me a better teacher. haha! how fun would it be for the wild woman and me to run into y'all this weekend!!!

Cathy said...

Coming to t-town and not staying with your parents. How sad :( Oh, wait! My house will still be clean on Sunday evening!! hahaha

e said...

You know that's what you get for ripping the page out at the store...klepto!!! :)

Have fun this weekend. Call me for dinner next week. I haven't had my US Pizza pigout in a loooong time. Miss you

allison @ designing woman said...

okay that totally confused me... it sounds delish... i bet you just messed it up! haha, jk! cant wait to see you!

and jills! i want to see sosie too! maybe we'll run into each other at TARGET!

RN Mama said...

Have a great weekend! Looks like a fun bunch of girls:)


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