Sunday, January 24, 2010

shirt or pant hanger?

I was set in my place yesterday regarding hangers. 

Matt was taking clothes out of the dryer yesterday and I started hanging his shirts up.  I picked up a hanger, specifically a wire hanger with cardboard bottom, and Matt immediately stopped me and informed me that I could not hang a shirt on that hanger because "that is a pants hanger and you can not hang shirts on pant hangers because then when you need to hang up pants all your shirts will be on pants hangers".  He informed me there were shirt hangers in his closet so I could get some out of there.  I came back to the laundry room with hangers and asked him what kind of hanger this was:

"That is a shirt hanger and do not hang pants on that hanger".  See, I hang the not so heavy pants on these hangers, but I suppose I will only do that in my closet from now on!  Matt has a strong opinion on many things, but I did not know hangers was one of them!  I didn't know what to do but laugh :)

Yesterday I came across Product Reviews from a Quad Mom named Suz. I've read her family blog for a while because one, I'm amazed that she has quads and two, she's an Aggie.  Yesterday's review was on "a non-invasive tummy tuck courtesy of yummie tummie".  No, I haven't had four kiddos like Quad Mom has, but I have gained more than a few pounds since I got married and I dislike my belly as much as you can dislike something.  According to Suz, these tanks have been known to smooth, shape, and slim even the flabbiest of skin. 
This picture was taken off of her review website, which I'm sure came from the yummie website, but frankly if anyone needs the yummie tummie tank it is not this model! I was pretty impressed by the pictures on her review website so you should go check them out.  I really want to try this tank, but I'm not really fond of the price.  I'm often uncomfortable of how I feel in certain clothes and think this would help...this and losing weight.  Starting this week, my good friend Brea and I are going to start running.  We have a big wedding to attend in June and we've decided we must look better!  And feel better of course. Pray that I stay's hard to stay motivated at working out! 


jill said...

glad to know i'm not the only one ocd about hangers. :) and GO YOU for running!!!!! have a good monday! (if that's possible...)

The Shepherds said...

as for the hanger debate, i'm staying out of it. but thank you thank you for the info on those tanks. i NEED one--bad! E

In this wonderful life... said...

haha I have specific hangers for specific things, too! Those tanks seem nice! I've not heard about them!

Cathy said...

Matt is sooooo right about the hangers. Not often I will admit men are right about anything, so please don't tell him I did this time! ha I am just glad he was hanging things up himself. That is a wonderful hubby!

Grimes Life said...

I am picky/weird about hangers too! It's a very weird thing! ha! Love that invention of that tank, i'm going to check that out!

allison @ designing woman said...

I totally agree with matt on the pants hangers! In my closet the spare ones are few and far between, like you only get them at the cleaners! Can't waste them on a shirt!

I'd be curious about the tank too!

Good luck with the running. I desperately need to jump back on the elliptical!!

Who's big wedding??

Kelly said...

I just started running 4 weeks ago and it has been on of the hardest things I've done. I have always been very athletic but never a runner. I have felt better since I started then I have in a very long time. Keep up the good work.

jenny lowberts said...

What a great idea for grouping skirt lengths and long dresses together.


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