Sunday, January 10, 2010

fresh green beans. no thank you.

These are fresh green beans.  In my attempt to make our meals somewhat healthier I decided that I would choose fresh green beans for a vegetable this week instead of canned green beans.  So, I started by snapping off the ends, putting them in a pot with butter, salt, pepper, tons of seasoning, and baking soda to make them extra green.

I let them cook for a while until they were tender and then delivered them to the farmer's plate.

They didn't look so bad until you took a bite. Absolutely no taste whatsoever! Mom says I should have used bacon grease and they would have tasted better, but doesn't that defeat the whole process of eating healthy? I looked over at Matt and he looked very strange eating and I asked him what he was doing. He responded "I'm a cow...I'm grazing on my grass!" It was like grazing on tasteless grass. The conclusion? We decided that we liked canned green beans better. With a little butter and sugar you can get them to taste heavenly! I know, that's not healthy either.

Last night we had a baby shower at our house for our good friends Keaton and Lindsey.  The farmer has grown up with these two and Matt and Keaton now have a duck guiding business together. 

Lindsey is due on Valentine's Day with a boy who will be named Fisher.  We had a western themed party with BBQ since Lindsey is a true cowgirl.  Fisher's nursery is cowboy themed and the biggest surprise at his shower from some of their good friends who Lindsey rodeos with - he got a pony!  A real life pony named Moses.  Don't worry - I didn't have a pony in my house, but wouldn't that have been a sight. 

Brea and I had fun creating the western themed diaper cake.  I've never made one before and it wasn't that difficult.  I thought it turned out pretty cute :)  We had a pretty good turnout with 32 partygoers.  The party shut down about 12:30 this morning and I was up until about 1:15 cleaning up and I'm glad I did because I was way too tired this morning to clean!  Matt and I have both been in our pajamas all day watching tv in the warm house with all our blinds closed - our little cave.  He finally got about about two hours ago and took the 5 bags of trash we had to the farm and headed to his first meeting at the church as a "trustee". 

The farmer is now a trustee of our church as of this year.  We aren't really sure what exactly a trustee of the church is, but I assume it has something to do with making decisions.  I told him I was proud of him for being asked to be a trustee. He's grown up in our church and it means a lot that they trust his judgement to ask him to be on the committee. 

As of me, I'm still here, on the couch bundled up watching the news ready for my Sunday night shows.  I did get up to turn on a few lamps.  It's been a very relaxing day.  I need more of these! 


Cathy said...

I do think that is the cutest diaper cake I have ever seen! Ya'll id a great job!

In this wonderful life... said...

cute shower!!! congrats on Matt being a trustee..sounds important! haha. As far as the green beans...I always do fresh. I have a little steamer and I just put Miss Dash on them..YUMO.. I'll send you a pic of the steamer. It's smaller and easy!

allison said...

i've never done fresh green beans... id prob have the same outcome as you did! A for effort tho. Cuuuute diaper cake, you might have to make another in the next couple of months

Amy Wenzel said...

cute baby shower!!! I'm about to blog about my green beans.. keep an eye out. you can do fresh green beans healthy and delish!

Kelly said...

What a cute shower theme! And to think that every child wants a pony and he got one before he is even born.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

At least you TRIED a healthy option, right?!?!

Shuggie's mom said...

try using chicken boullion instead of bacon grease.....granted i don't do fresh either, but i quit using bacon grease years ago and haven't had any complaints on my green beans. onions or onion flakes are good seasoning too.


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