Thursday, January 7, 2010

coooooold day.

The championship football game is on.  When you are an Aggie you DESSSSSPISE the longhorns...those kids over at t.u.  I know I should cheer for the Big 12, but you just don't understand.  I think I'll just watch and not really even give a rip who wins. 

I learned tonight that I am a can green bean girl.  I thought it'd be more healthy for us if I bought fresh green beans and cooked them.  Well, I look over at Matt while he's eating and he looks like a cow.  I said "what in the world are you doing?"  He said "I'm grazing and this is my grass!"  He hated it and so did I.  Mom says they would be better if I used bacon grease, but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of them being healthy? 

I'm sleepy today.  Like a fool I stayed up late playing online because I was just sure we'd have a second snow day this week.  It was in the forecast and the temperature was below freezing, but all we got was sleet and slush so we had to report to school, but we got out at 1:00 so I can't really complain :)  I ended up working at the shop until 3:45 because we were so busy so it didn't really feel like I got out of school early...busy is good, but not for a good reason.  That story tomorrow.  Not feeling it tonight. 

This cold weather makes me just want to curl up on the couch and do absolutely nothing.  Which is what I'm doing.  I desperately need to go out to the garage and finish painting my entertainment center for my bedroom since I'm having a party at my house Saturday night.  There is always tomorrow, right? 

Ever since Molly's birth back in June when Cookie made Katie a slideshow of all the pictures from the hospital, I've thought it was so neat.  It seems like when you are experiencing an event like that, you don't really realize what all goes on and pictures mean everything - I remember I loved watching my wedding video for that reason.  So, after my sister-in-law had baby Michael two weeks ago I made one for the family so we could all remember that special day.  I know you are just DYING to see it :) 


jill said...

whitney, your pictures are incredible! next time you're in town i would LOVE for you to take some of sophie!!! hope you and the farmer stay warm this weekend. :)

Melissa said...

I love canned green beans!

There is nothing I hate more than when the weather forecasts a lot of snow, we think we're getting a snowday, and then we get nothing! Makes me so mad!

Cookie said...

The slideshow was awesome! You did a great job. He is a beautiful baby!


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