Monday, January 18, 2010

blog much?

A New Year's resolution that I haven't kept.  Imagine that.  One of my resolutions was to blog more often, but clearly that hasn't happened!  At least I'm trying to workout more and make myself look better, although I am having Mexican food for dinner tonight while watching 24, but it's been a stressful day...long story that no one would care to I think if I want Mexican, I get Mexican.  Don't I sound like a brat! 

Many thanks to MLK because today was another day that we were out of school :)  The farmer and I started our day off by taking my Tahoe and the mother-in-law's farm Expedition to the body shop.  As we dropped the Expedition off the technician was taking notes about the back of my car.  He asked Matt regarding the Expedition, "What happened to this one?".  Matt responded, "that...(pointing to my Tahoe) a "minor" fender bender" as to which the technician replied "oh, she did it?"  pointing to me sitting in the other car.  Now why did he automatically assume I did it?  What if the farmer had done it?  You know what assuming makes you.  Lovely. 

So, since the trusty Tahoe is being made all new again I am driving this little ride, borrowed from my in-laws.

Let's hope no "minor fender benders" occur while I'm driving the Prius.  I would be in major t-r-o-u-b-l-e! It's a cute little ride, but I feel so funny driving it! 

Matt's birthday is coming up in February.  I'd like to take a weekend trip to Memphis just to get away for the weekend by ourselves.  Anyone know of any fun things to do in Memphis?  I've been there once or twice, but not for an overnight stay.  Suggestions are welcome :)

Lesson plans are so dreadful, but they must be done.  I am an organized person, but I've learned that planning two weeks worth of lessons for a class is worthless because I have yet to stay on track!  Oh well, they are due tomorrow so I better suck it up and finish before 24 comes on!  DVRing Bachelor...that drama can wait.  Drama drama drama! 


Cathy said...

please, please, please be careful with the Prius or the family may ban you from driving ever! :)

In this wonderful life... said...

haha that car is SO cute! haha have fun! I can't wait for the Bachelor..hysterical!!

Melissa said...

Your lesson plans get collected? That stinks! My admin doesn't care (with the exception of 2 observations each year) how we lesson plan and if we write it down. All they care about is that we teach everything properly! I plan day to day, maybe do a couple days in advance, because I never, ever finish what I think I will in one day!

allison @ designing woman said...

does that car go "weeeeeeeehhhhh" instead of "vroooooom!" ????

e said...

You must go to Graceland, first of all. Also, go eat at Gus's Fried Chicken (borderline ghetto - I'll give you directions).

jill said...

allison's comment is killing me! too funny!!! boo hiss for the lesson plans. i despise doing them. i don't know that ours are looked at, but they're due every monday. ick. hope the vehicles are back to new soon!! poor girl! :)

Katie Mentzel said...

you had me cracking up! great post ;)


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