Friday, January 29, 2010

another snow dayyyy!

Well, I wish I had a beautiful snow picture to share with you today, but truth is I haven't even stepped outside today.  Last night I knew the weather was pretty iffy, but honestly, I was not convinced at all that I would be at home today and not at work...and at work as in attending a workshop in Little Rock today.  At 6 AM I got the recorded phone call that school was cancelled today and 20 minutes later got the phone call that we wouldn't be making the trek to LR for our workshop.  I was pretty bummed actually because I was looking forward to the speaker for today.  But I am definitely not complaining that I am still in my pajamas with the fire on laying on the couch :) 

I've spent most of my day cleaning out my guest bedroom closets.  Yes, it is a little early to be cleaning them out since we just moved in the new house, but those closets is where everything that didn't have a home ended up.  Plus, they will be soon filling up with lots of goodies.....I know what you are thinking......not baby goodies, but Park Street Market goodies. 

I guess it's time to quit putting it off and let the blog world know that my little shop that I love so much is making the transition from a 'brick and mortar' store to a 'web' store.  I am teaching now and my mother-in-law spends most of her time in Dallas these days with my new nephew.  It has torn me to pieces thinking that my little shop will no longer be as easily available for people to just drop in and buy a gift.  We did such a good service to our community and it breaks my heart.  Part of me feels like a complete failure because to the outside world it looks like my business did not succeed in the tough economy so I've had a time dealing with that.  The good news is that Park Street Market isn't closing for good.  I've decided to keep the business up and running.  I have purchased a new website which is in the works, my dearest friend Allison is in the process of creating me some new "branding" and I'm looking into additional product lines that I didn't carry before including some new and cute stationary and personalized items.  I just couldn't come to terms that PSM would dissolve completely.  I am excited of the new business I can start.  You will now be able to go online, pay online, and I will personally wrap and deliver the items (or ship) and it's no work on you!  It seems that people spend the majority of their shopping time shopping online these days, so I hope this is a successful move.  Think of me if you need a gift or just want to shop :)

Matt just ventured out into the snow to get me some diet dr peppers.  There is no caffine in this house and I'm about to go crazy!  He was going out to the farm so I asked him to please go by the store to cure my insanity.  And pick up some Sister Schubert's rolls for dinner tonight.  Don't worry, we will be eating more than rolls for dinner.  Minute steaks with gravy and mashed potatoes and corn on the cob to be exact.  Yummy to my tummy.  Yes sir!  Not good for the losing weight, but I'll just have to run a little extra or do a few more crunches this week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Mine has started pretty well since I got a message that my kiddos were perfect for the sub yesterday - what was wrong with them!  Maybe I should leave more often. 

Oh, and one more thing.  I'm addicted to words with friends on the iphone.  I even have Matt playing.  He is very competitive and plays alllll the time....Erik is his favorite opponent!  You should jump on the words with friends bandwagon if you haven't yet....think I'll have to get my mom an iphone for her birthday just so she can join in on the fun.  Or have Dad buy her one :) 

Just looked out the window and it's still sleeting and my yard is still snowy white!  Love it!  But I may not love it come June when we are making up those days...oh well, that's 5 months away.


Cathy said...

So glad you had a day to get some things done and cook Matt a good meal. That was mighty nice of him to go to the store for you. What a good man!

In this wonderful life... said...

YAY for snow days!!! I stayed in till about 3:30 and Brent picked me up and we went .3 miles to Target. nice having it in the back yard!

The store is in no WAY a failure!! It has been and will be great!! I try not to shop online much but I'll certainly make an exception!

Oh, I'm gunna be cleaning out closets, cabinets and drawers for the next few weeks! Wanna come help? :o) I figure I need to do it now while I can still lean over, HA!

Katie Mentzel said...

matt knows how serious a girls caffiene is to her :) Erik will be very pleased to hear he is matts fav opponent!

allison @ designing woman said...

the store will be even more fab as soon as we give the logo a makeover! i'm working on it!


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