Friday, January 29, 2010

another snow dayyyy!

Well, I wish I had a beautiful snow picture to share with you today, but truth is I haven't even stepped outside today.  Last night I knew the weather was pretty iffy, but honestly, I was not convinced at all that I would be at home today and not at work...and at work as in attending a workshop in Little Rock today.  At 6 AM I got the recorded phone call that school was cancelled today and 20 minutes later got the phone call that we wouldn't be making the trek to LR for our workshop.  I was pretty bummed actually because I was looking forward to the speaker for today.  But I am definitely not complaining that I am still in my pajamas with the fire on laying on the couch :) 

I've spent most of my day cleaning out my guest bedroom closets.  Yes, it is a little early to be cleaning them out since we just moved in the new house, but those closets is where everything that didn't have a home ended up.  Plus, they will be soon filling up with lots of goodies.....I know what you are thinking......not baby goodies, but Park Street Market goodies. 

I guess it's time to quit putting it off and let the blog world know that my little shop that I love so much is making the transition from a 'brick and mortar' store to a 'web' store.  I am teaching now and my mother-in-law spends most of her time in Dallas these days with my new nephew.  It has torn me to pieces thinking that my little shop will no longer be as easily available for people to just drop in and buy a gift.  We did such a good service to our community and it breaks my heart.  Part of me feels like a complete failure because to the outside world it looks like my business did not succeed in the tough economy so I've had a time dealing with that.  The good news is that Park Street Market isn't closing for good.  I've decided to keep the business up and running.  I have purchased a new website which is in the works, my dearest friend Allison is in the process of creating me some new "branding" and I'm looking into additional product lines that I didn't carry before including some new and cute stationary and personalized items.  I just couldn't come to terms that PSM would dissolve completely.  I am excited of the new business I can start.  You will now be able to go online, pay online, and I will personally wrap and deliver the items (or ship) and it's no work on you!  It seems that people spend the majority of their shopping time shopping online these days, so I hope this is a successful move.  Think of me if you need a gift or just want to shop :)

Matt just ventured out into the snow to get me some diet dr peppers.  There is no caffine in this house and I'm about to go crazy!  He was going out to the farm so I asked him to please go by the store to cure my insanity.  And pick up some Sister Schubert's rolls for dinner tonight.  Don't worry, we will be eating more than rolls for dinner.  Minute steaks with gravy and mashed potatoes and corn on the cob to be exact.  Yummy to my tummy.  Yes sir!  Not good for the losing weight, but I'll just have to run a little extra or do a few more crunches this week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Mine has started pretty well since I got a message that my kiddos were perfect for the sub yesterday - what was wrong with them!  Maybe I should leave more often. 

Oh, and one more thing.  I'm addicted to words with friends on the iphone.  I even have Matt playing.  He is very competitive and plays alllll the time....Erik is his favorite opponent!  You should jump on the words with friends bandwagon if you haven't yet....think I'll have to get my mom an iphone for her birthday just so she can join in on the fun.  Or have Dad buy her one :) 

Just looked out the window and it's still sleeting and my yard is still snowy white!  Love it!  But I may not love it come June when we are making up those days...oh well, that's 5 months away.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

shirt or pant hanger?

I was set in my place yesterday regarding hangers. 

Matt was taking clothes out of the dryer yesterday and I started hanging his shirts up.  I picked up a hanger, specifically a wire hanger with cardboard bottom, and Matt immediately stopped me and informed me that I could not hang a shirt on that hanger because "that is a pants hanger and you can not hang shirts on pant hangers because then when you need to hang up pants all your shirts will be on pants hangers".  He informed me there were shirt hangers in his closet so I could get some out of there.  I came back to the laundry room with hangers and asked him what kind of hanger this was:

"That is a shirt hanger and do not hang pants on that hanger".  See, I hang the not so heavy pants on these hangers, but I suppose I will only do that in my closet from now on!  Matt has a strong opinion on many things, but I did not know hangers was one of them!  I didn't know what to do but laugh :)

Yesterday I came across Product Reviews from a Quad Mom named Suz. I've read her family blog for a while because one, I'm amazed that she has quads and two, she's an Aggie.  Yesterday's review was on "a non-invasive tummy tuck courtesy of yummie tummie".  No, I haven't had four kiddos like Quad Mom has, but I have gained more than a few pounds since I got married and I dislike my belly as much as you can dislike something.  According to Suz, these tanks have been known to smooth, shape, and slim even the flabbiest of skin. 
This picture was taken off of her review website, which I'm sure came from the yummie website, but frankly if anyone needs the yummie tummie tank it is not this model! I was pretty impressed by the pictures on her review website so you should go check them out.  I really want to try this tank, but I'm not really fond of the price.  I'm often uncomfortable of how I feel in certain clothes and think this would help...this and losing weight.  Starting this week, my good friend Brea and I are going to start running.  We have a big wedding to attend in June and we've decided we must look better!  And feel better of course. Pray that I stay's hard to stay motivated at working out! 

Monday, January 18, 2010

blog much?

A New Year's resolution that I haven't kept.  Imagine that.  One of my resolutions was to blog more often, but clearly that hasn't happened!  At least I'm trying to workout more and make myself look better, although I am having Mexican food for dinner tonight while watching 24, but it's been a stressful day...long story that no one would care to I think if I want Mexican, I get Mexican.  Don't I sound like a brat! 

Many thanks to MLK because today was another day that we were out of school :)  The farmer and I started our day off by taking my Tahoe and the mother-in-law's farm Expedition to the body shop.  As we dropped the Expedition off the technician was taking notes about the back of my car.  He asked Matt regarding the Expedition, "What happened to this one?".  Matt responded, "that...(pointing to my Tahoe) a "minor" fender bender" as to which the technician replied "oh, she did it?"  pointing to me sitting in the other car.  Now why did he automatically assume I did it?  What if the farmer had done it?  You know what assuming makes you.  Lovely. 

So, since the trusty Tahoe is being made all new again I am driving this little ride, borrowed from my in-laws.

Let's hope no "minor fender benders" occur while I'm driving the Prius.  I would be in major t-r-o-u-b-l-e! It's a cute little ride, but I feel so funny driving it! 

Matt's birthday is coming up in February.  I'd like to take a weekend trip to Memphis just to get away for the weekend by ourselves.  Anyone know of any fun things to do in Memphis?  I've been there once or twice, but not for an overnight stay.  Suggestions are welcome :)

Lesson plans are so dreadful, but they must be done.  I am an organized person, but I've learned that planning two weeks worth of lessons for a class is worthless because I have yet to stay on track!  Oh well, they are due tomorrow so I better suck it up and finish before 24 comes on!  DVRing Bachelor...that drama can wait.  Drama drama drama! 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

fresh green beans. no thank you.

These are fresh green beans.  In my attempt to make our meals somewhat healthier I decided that I would choose fresh green beans for a vegetable this week instead of canned green beans.  So, I started by snapping off the ends, putting them in a pot with butter, salt, pepper, tons of seasoning, and baking soda to make them extra green.

I let them cook for a while until they were tender and then delivered them to the farmer's plate.

They didn't look so bad until you took a bite. Absolutely no taste whatsoever! Mom says I should have used bacon grease and they would have tasted better, but doesn't that defeat the whole process of eating healthy? I looked over at Matt and he looked very strange eating and I asked him what he was doing. He responded "I'm a cow...I'm grazing on my grass!" It was like grazing on tasteless grass. The conclusion? We decided that we liked canned green beans better. With a little butter and sugar you can get them to taste heavenly! I know, that's not healthy either.

Last night we had a baby shower at our house for our good friends Keaton and Lindsey.  The farmer has grown up with these two and Matt and Keaton now have a duck guiding business together. 

Lindsey is due on Valentine's Day with a boy who will be named Fisher.  We had a western themed party with BBQ since Lindsey is a true cowgirl.  Fisher's nursery is cowboy themed and the biggest surprise at his shower from some of their good friends who Lindsey rodeos with - he got a pony!  A real life pony named Moses.  Don't worry - I didn't have a pony in my house, but wouldn't that have been a sight. 

Brea and I had fun creating the western themed diaper cake.  I've never made one before and it wasn't that difficult.  I thought it turned out pretty cute :)  We had a pretty good turnout with 32 partygoers.  The party shut down about 12:30 this morning and I was up until about 1:15 cleaning up and I'm glad I did because I was way too tired this morning to clean!  Matt and I have both been in our pajamas all day watching tv in the warm house with all our blinds closed - our little cave.  He finally got about about two hours ago and took the 5 bags of trash we had to the farm and headed to his first meeting at the church as a "trustee". 

The farmer is now a trustee of our church as of this year.  We aren't really sure what exactly a trustee of the church is, but I assume it has something to do with making decisions.  I told him I was proud of him for being asked to be a trustee. He's grown up in our church and it means a lot that they trust his judgement to ask him to be on the committee. 

As of me, I'm still here, on the couch bundled up watching the news ready for my Sunday night shows.  I did get up to turn on a few lamps.  It's been a very relaxing day.  I need more of these! 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

coooooold day.

The championship football game is on.  When you are an Aggie you DESSSSSPISE the longhorns...those kids over at t.u.  I know I should cheer for the Big 12, but you just don't understand.  I think I'll just watch and not really even give a rip who wins. 

I learned tonight that I am a can green bean girl.  I thought it'd be more healthy for us if I bought fresh green beans and cooked them.  Well, I look over at Matt while he's eating and he looks like a cow.  I said "what in the world are you doing?"  He said "I'm grazing and this is my grass!"  He hated it and so did I.  Mom says they would be better if I used bacon grease, but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of them being healthy? 

I'm sleepy today.  Like a fool I stayed up late playing online because I was just sure we'd have a second snow day this week.  It was in the forecast and the temperature was below freezing, but all we got was sleet and slush so we had to report to school, but we got out at 1:00 so I can't really complain :)  I ended up working at the shop until 3:45 because we were so busy so it didn't really feel like I got out of school early...busy is good, but not for a good reason.  That story tomorrow.  Not feeling it tonight. 

This cold weather makes me just want to curl up on the couch and do absolutely nothing.  Which is what I'm doing.  I desperately need to go out to the garage and finish painting my entertainment center for my bedroom since I'm having a party at my house Saturday night.  There is always tomorrow, right? 

Ever since Molly's birth back in June when Cookie made Katie a slideshow of all the pictures from the hospital, I've thought it was so neat.  It seems like when you are experiencing an event like that, you don't really realize what all goes on and pictures mean everything - I remember I loved watching my wedding video for that reason.  So, after my sister-in-law had baby Michael two weeks ago I made one for the family so we could all remember that special day.  I know you are just DYING to see it :) 

Monday, January 4, 2010

back to way!

I guess the snow queen was looking after me today because I was nooooot ready to go back to school!  We got about an inch of snow and even though it was just a teacher work day we didn't have to go.  I was trying very hard to get out of bed this morning and just as I'd get completely undressed with the shower water on my house phone would the I go running to the kitchen (not a pretty picture) to answer the phone and it was a recording that our work day was cancelled.  Wahoo!  So, I slept until 9 AM and I am still in my pajamas at 5:30 PM.  It's been a very relaxing day and I've gotten some things done around the house that I needed to get done before a party we are having here on Saturday night.  Unfortunately the sun came out and melted our pretty snow, but the forecast calls for even colder weather and a possibility for snow on Thursday. 

On to other important things.

My breakfast room was missing something to make it complete.  Along comes a curtain and voila! it's complete.  My parents had the breakfast room curtains and roman shade for our patio door made for us for Christmas and I'm in love :)  Meet my curtains!

Here's a cushion we had made for the back hallway cabinet.  Looove it!

I'm all about some big fabric patterns lately for some reason.  A few years ago I would have hated that huge flower print on the curtains, but I fell in love as soon as I saw it. 

Oh and may I say I have been quite a little chef lately!  I've been super inspired to cook...not sure where that inspiration came from??  Last week we had my father-in-law over for dinner two nights since my mother-in-law was out of town.  I made Potato Soup that I got from Megan back in highschool that I can't get enough of as well as Paula Deen's Shrimp Gumbo that was posted on several blogs.  The gumbo was deliccccious!  I have a few recipes from Southern Living that I hope to try out this week.  I'll let you know how they turn out.  Could it be that I actually enjoy cooking now?  I surely wouldn't admit it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

sweet baby

Back to school, back to school, back to school I must go.  Oh the joy of being out of school for two weeks.  Oh the misery of thinking I have to go back to work tomorrow.  This break has been super nice! 

Ok ok ok, I know you don't care about me going back to work.  You just came back to see if I've uploaded new pictures of my very adorable little nephew named Michael.  What do ya know...I seem to have plenty of those. 

But first.  This trash can was very popular in the waiting room at the hospital.  As I was taking this picture some guy walked in and looked at me with the most awkward look...until I explained why I was taking the picture.  Take note of what object you are supposed to place in each hole - "cans and plastic bottles", "aluminum cans", and "newspaper/paper".  It's hard to tell from this picture, but these holes are pretty pointless because do you think there are 3 individual bags in that can?  No sir, there is only one! 

Waiting is over.  Here's a little slideshow I put together of pictures from getting ready to go to the hospital to little Michael coming home.  It's a little lengthy, but so worth the wait because he is just so perfect :)

Oh!  And it's snowing!  So beautiful! 


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