Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thaaaaaank the Lord for Christmas break!

I love my students, but oh how I needed a break.  Thanksgiving break went by too quickly and I think the kids had inside recess everyday since due to rain so they were very restless.  We had fun last week making Christmas decorations, listening to Christmas carols, and reading Christmas books.  Their eyes lit up when my aide and I gave them their Christmas gifts.  For some of my kids that was the only Christmas gift they will get.  I'm glad we could put a smile on their face :) 

For those of you who normally get Christmas cards from Matt and I, do not fear, you were not neglected this year...I simply did not get around to doing cards.  Matt and I were scheduled to have our picture taken by Jordan while we were home for Thanksgiving, but I ended up traveling by myself because Matt had duck hunters to guide that week.  After that, the days got away from me and I never ended up looking at cards.  When I finally sat down to think about it, the soonest I could get them was Monday or Tuesday and well, we will be in Dallas so that wasn't going to work.  Oh well, I'll do better next year.

And Katie, about the top of my Christmas's really just different things I bought and threw together.  It has some pheasant feathers from a place in Little Rock and red glittery berry picks and gold glittery picks from Target.  Just start sticking them in and voila! you have a new cute topper!  You should try it next year :)

I'm somewhat of a procrastinator (like none of you knew that already).  See, we are leaving tomorrow to head to Dallas for the nephew's arrival and well, I haven't packed a single item.  Kudos to me for getting luggage out this morning before I went to open the shop for a few hours.  I guess I have no choice but to spend my afternoon packing the farmer and I for a week long Christmas road trip.  We leave tomorrow to drive six hours to Dallas where seeester will check in to the hospital tomorrow night.  Baby will be here Monday hopefully and we'll ooh and ahh for a few days before heading to Texarkana to do Christmas with my family.  Come Christmas Day afternoon we'll boogie on back to Arkansas to have dinner and Christmas with the rest of Matt's family.  Whoo! That was tiring just writing it.  We did Christmas with Matt's parents last night so we wouldn't have to haul the gifts to Dallas to turn around and haul them back.  This was our big gift from them....

A Frigidaire freezer!  We sound like old people...all we want for Christmas is a freezer.  But really, we needed one.  And the farmer especially wanted it so he would have a place for deer meat.  The farmer also got some clothes, a new camera, and a Sonicare toothbrush...he was pumped!  I got a sweater, two necklaces (so pretty!), some pj pants and a new scarf, a sooo cute gold and turquoise polka dot casserole dish that matches my dishes, a set of pine tree topiarys with burlap bases (so cute! picture to come) and this...

I have the large red velvet quilted bag in the back so this year I got the small white one to match :)  And it was full of goodies!

I'll take more pictures of my goodies when we get back in town.  It's all still in boxes and bags.  No time to unpack...I must pack luggage!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  I'll be back next week with pictures of the new addition to our family - baby boy Spingola.  Ash is very ready to have this baby and we are ready to meet him :)  This Christmas will be one we'll never forget! 

From our family to yours...

Merry Christmas!


d.a.r. said...

What fun gifts!! My in-laws are getting us a second fridge as a housewarming gift. Totally necessary and very boring, but we are so excited!

In this wonderful life... said...

sounds like Christmas is going good! Your going to have a busy week! I will miss your card this year!


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