Monday, December 28, 2009

oooh baaby!

No, I have no news to report regarding the farmer and I and babies.  I wish.  But we do have a new nephew!  Michael Anthony Spingola was born December 21 at 10:26 AM.  He was 7 pounds and 10 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long.  A cute little italian babe! I have a million pictures on my camera, but haven't had a chance to upload them yet so here is a sneak peek :)

Mom and baby are doing great.  She went in Sunday night to get started on meds and Monday morning there was still no progress.  Her, Dean, and the doctor decided at 8:30 to do a c-section and the next available time he had was was madness trying to notify everyone that in less than 2 hours there would be a baby!  It was about 11:30 before we got to see Michael and the suspense was killing us!  He came out absolutely perfect and little did he know that he had tons of family loving him already ;) 

Ashley and the baby weren't released until Thursday morning because she had a c-section so we spent many hours rocking in the hospital.  I did get some last minute Christmas shopping done and had lunch with my dear friend Kim on Wednesday when Ash needed to get some rest.  When we woke up Thursday morning there were news flashes all over the TV for chances of snow, but we were a little skeptical.  What do ya did snow! And baby Spingola got to go home on Christmas Eve while it was snowing :)  It was rather ironic because Ashley and Matt were both brought home from the hospital while it was snowing.  Having him be able to go home healthy was the best Christmas present our family could ask for. 

Matt and I had to leave Thursday afternoon to make it to Texarkana for my family Christmas on Christmas Eve.  We had a great Christmas!  Matt headed back to Carlisle on Christmas Day afternoon because he had duck hunters to guide Saturday morning and I stayed in Texarkana for the night.  Mom and I drove up to Dallas for the day so she could see the little man and I could take pictures of him Saturday afternoon.  We started off the day with a dead car battery so we stopped at WalMart in New Boston to get it changed.  They ran tests, said it wasn't dead, but we weren't going to take our chances and told them to change it anyways.  Come to find out, they don't have a battery that fits a 2007 Tahoe.  Lovely.  We head to Dallas and call every Chevrolet dealership on the way to see if there was a service department open.  Finally find one in Garland that we had to pass to get to Ashley's house.  $170 later we had a new battery and head to Ashley's.  Stop at LaMadeline's for a little lunch, get back in the car, and it won't freaking start!  Mom leaves me on the curb of the restaurant waiting for my mother-in-law to come pick me up as she heads back to the dealership after having some random guy in the parking lot boost us off.  Ended up being a loose bolt on that battery.  UGH.  After all the chaos we finally got to spend some time with Ashley and the baby, but he wasn't up for much of a photo shoot. 

And now I'm back in good ol' Carlisle and it feels good to be back home in our new place.  When I got back, Mom had fixed up our back bedroom.  I was unhappy with it and couldn't get it to look good so after a quick shopping trip to Pottery Barn she had it looking wonderful!  Pictures to come.  I hope to get our Christmas decorations down this week and get the house back in order.  We talked to a lady today that cleans houses for two of our good friends and she is going to start next week....for $30 a week!  I have a feeling it will be so worth it to have my house clean and not have to worry about it. 

Tonight I'll be feeding the father-in-law.  He is pretty lost on cooking when Janet is out of town and she has more important things to worry about at the a little precious grandson.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Now it's time to look forward to the new year :)


Cathy said...

maid = very wise decision. Any working gal deserves a maid!

In this wonderful life... said...

I think I'm home too much to deserve a maid!! :o) and the "I wish"..??? Someone has BABY FEVER?!?! Baby Spingola is BEAUTIFUL!!!

allison said...

Yes I'm wish Megan, I definitely caught the "I wish" part too! Uh oh!! Baby Michael is presh! Can't wait to see more pics!

Cookie said...

Congrats! he is beautiful!


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