Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the week of giving thanks

Well, it's Thanksgiving, the week of giving thanks.  And I'm pretty sure I have plenty to be thankful for this year. 

I'm thankful for my farmer.  He's pretty sweet when he wants to be :)  We both have wonderful families and tons of wonderful friends, many who we don't get to see enough.  We are very thankful and blessed to be in a new home that we enjoy more each and every day.  Except now I have a larger house to clean, which is a pain, but, I'm not complaining.  We both have good jobs - and very thankful that the Lord answered a huge prayer in allowing me to have a teaching job when I was pretty down about ever finding a job.  And with that new job, I can be thankful that I can now graduate from grad school in May....and May can't come soon enough.  Although I will say that the new house, a new job, and graduate school has pushed me to my limit this semester and I'm ready for something to give!  I am definitely not thankful that I have a bacterial infection, but am thankful it's not strep throat.  I'm thankful that on Thursday I get a Thanksgiving feast that will knock your socks off and hope to be thankful for the Aggies beating the Longhorns, but I'm pretty sure I can just forget about that. 

This Thanksgiving season I feel more grateful than ever because I see more now than ever, through my new job, that there are children in our communities who feel like they have nothing to be thankful for.  They may not spend Thanksgiving with families who love them because they have familiies who don't even care.  We need to remember how lucky we are this Thanksgiving holiday. 

I do know six things that probably aren't thankful this week.  The six deer now hanging on thed wall in Matt's man room.

I do admit that they kind of creep me out.  The wall to the left of the deer has a door that opens up to my desk.  Sunday night I was sitting at the desk organizing and had to shut the door because the deer weirded me out...like they were watching me!  Matt is in pure heaven.  He loves it.  Oh, and there is one over our fireplace mantle, which actually makes seven deer in my house.  It does look pretty awesome if you like that  kind of decor, but it takes a minute to get used to it. 

I will be taking some pictures before I leave town to go to my parent's house so the family can see the house so I'll be sharing those soon. 

Oh!  I almost forgot.  I participated in Jill's ornament exchange over at The Young and the Precious. I've never met the person whose name I got, but I was so happy that I could send her a little Christmas cheer.  Here's the super cute ornament I sent her that you can find at Park Street Market :) 

Oh, and Jill would be happy to know that today, on my day off from school, after I returned from the doctor who just had to tell me I had a bacterial infection...I watched Young and the Restless.  She'll be proud of me.  I haven't watched it in ages, but soaps are always the same....you can not watch in months and pick up right where you left off! 

Speaking of soaps, we now have DVR!  Sooooooo happy.  Actually, ESTATIC.  I can record shows now including my soap.  I've always had Tivo, but it never worked that great.  And then we lived with Matt's parents who have cable and for sure no DVR.  When the Directv guy came to install it there was somewhat of an issue with the DVR and in order to use it we would have to upgrade our other receivers...I gladly agreed...anything to have my DVR.  Sad, huh??  I guess I watch too much TV.  But what else am I going to do while the farmer is working late or hunting late?  Clean? Do homework? That's no fun.

I'm very proud of myself for not creating this post while sitting in class last night.  I actually worked.  I figured since our huge unit plan project was due next Wednesday and I have no internet that I should probably get what I could get done during class.  And I should be working on it now while I'm at the shop, but I keep thinking that I can work on it while I'm at Mom and Dad's this weekend...she says no, we have more important things to do...like eat and shop.  Well, duh, of course! 

I hope you all have a fantastic, wonderful, out of this world Thanksgiving holiday! 

What are you thankful for this holiday season??


jill said...

NEVER thought i would say this, but i actually kinda like the deer ... they grow on me every time i see them. i so agree with your thoughts about being thankful ... being with babies every day who don't have what we do is such a reality check.and i LOVE the ornament!!!! i seriously thought about making you MY partner since you have such incredible taste, but then there weren't enough people. but i know your girl will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! definitely proud of you for watching the show ... i'm a week behind thanks to bronchitis and mistletoe fair. have fun while you're down this way ... would be fun to run into you and your sweet mom somewhere!! happy thanksgiving, friend!

Cathy said...

I am thankful all those boxes are unpacked! ha And Jill, it would be fun to see you too!

In this wonderful life... said...

hola :) I read this last week but never commented. Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

I came back to see if you had posted house pics yet! come on, missy :)

allison said...

glad i got to see you over thanksgiving!
oh i thought the deer were going to be secluded to the man room... can't believe you have one in your living room! not that i'm against them, but everything has it's place to me - just dont think i could do it in the living room! kyle is loving matt's room... we want to visit soon!


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