Thursday, November 5, 2009



I live in Carlisle.  I teach in Hazen.  Tomorrow night's football game = Carlisle vs. Hazen.  The farmer went to Carlisle and wore black and gold.  I now wear purple and white weekly to school...farmer freaks.  I bought the "smackdown" shirt so I don't have to choose.  I can wear both black and gold and purple and white.  I may wear one purple sock and one gold sock.  I've been warned that there may be purple signs in the yard of our new house tomorrow morning.  I should probably go by on my way to school and pull them up or my new house will be demolished!  I told my students I may wear black and gold.  I thought they were going to jump me right then and there in my classroom. The farmer said I should wear his football jersey from high school.  Mother-in-law said no way, jose.  Don't want that jersey ruined!

Oh, by the way, I. AM. SO. EXCITED. First, hellllllo people, it's my biiiiirthday on Saturday...whoop whoop.  I told my students that I was going to be 96, that they aged me 70 years in a month's time!  They didn't believe me.  Ok, so I'm not really excited about my birthday.  I'm just 26.  No milestones this year.  But, I AM EXCITED about moving stuff into the new house this weekend!  Thanks to momma for coming up tomorrow to help me move and unpack.  So NOT excited about the actual moving boxes part, but it will be worth it. The farmer is still harvesting beans so it may be tough to pull him away to move our furniture.  Praying for rain :)

We had our new granite bar installed this morning.  The original bar was a result of miscommunication and was not wide enough to use so we came to a compromise and were able to get a new one.  The granite installers were convinced we were making the most awful decision by tearing out the original one.  They were not convinced that the new slab I picked out matched the slab we had in the rest of the kitchen.  I got a call today from the installer's wife.  She said that her husband had done granite for 22 years and he was absolutely amazed at how well the new bar looked and that tearing out the original bar and replacing it was the best decision any homeowner he's worked for has ever made, and yes, it looks AMAZING.  Pictures do it no justice!  They also asked if they could use our kitchen for advertising and on their new business cards.  I of course agreed! This picture was taken with my phone so you can't get the full effect....better pictures to come.  And the board will be removed tomorrow once the iron corbels are attached to brace the bar.

Been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for this desk to get done in the kitchen.  We stained all the kitchen cabinets, but decided to paint and glaze the desk to make it look like an antiqued piece of furniture.  Painters did opposite of what I asked the first time around, but when I had them fix it this morning, it turned out sooo pretty!

I do believe my blog is in desperate need of some good house photography, but these days I go by after school and all I have is my iphone.  I'll fulfill it's needs this weekend.

I'm pretty sure my blog is in desperate need of consistent updates too.  It causes a sense of disconnect.  And it's sad. 

Hopefully moving in our new house will cause life to slow down a little bit?


In this wonderful life... said...

looks great!!!!! I love getting to see it all come together!

that's crazy the colors are black and gold, too!

Cathy said...

I can't wait to get there and start the big move!! If I wake up again at 4:30 a.m. I may just get on up this time! j/k See you in a bit.

allison said...

and when is the house warming party!?


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