Sunday, November 1, 2009

beautiful day

It's such a beautiful day today in Arkansas!  The sun is finally shining and the farmer is finally back in the field cutting rice.  That's one thing we haven't seen in a while.  So pretty outside and I'm inside working on lesson plans and graduate school homework blogging. And the Cowboys are on.  Thankfully, they are winning.  As did my Aggies yesterday.  A freakin' miracle, winning two weeks in a row. 

Yesterday Mom and Dad came up to bring us our new refrigerator and it is so wild!  Yes, I'm using wild to describe a refrigerator.  I am used to having tiny plain jane refrigerators and this one has so many neat features.  It has a clear ice maker so you can watch the cubed ice get crushed.. Matt thinks it's so awesome.  He said when I'm gone he's going to stand at the refrigerator with a beer in hand watching the ice crush.

Our blinds came in on Friday so Dad got all those installed.  It's starting to feel like a finished house.  Hopefully everything will get wrapped up this week and we can move in next weekend!  Here's some pictures I took last weekend.

Master Bathtub

Master Shower

My Vanity :)

Stone Fireplace

Kitchen!  The white desk will be painted cream with a chocolate brown glaze this week.

Breakfast room chandelier


New Dishwasher!

Cedar columns done!  Front is still a work in progress.  Columns, trim, and shutters will be stained this week and then shutters will be hung.

Our new neighbors across the street!  We are so excited :)

In other news, I experienced my first field trip on Friday!  The second grade teachers took 65 second graders to Stuttgart to the movie theatre to see Where the Wild Things Are. Not a big fan of the movie.  If I hadn't had to stay awake to make sure my students behaved, I probably would have fallen asleep.  It was pretty boring to me, but the kids liked the big animals in the movie. My students were surprisingly good during the movie, although I did have to take up straws because they were putting popcorn on them and blowing it at each other.  Boys! After the movie, we had planned on going to the park, but since the weather was so nasty we went to the Hazen Community Center, ate lunch, and played relay games until time to go back to school.  It made for a fun, but tiring afternoon!

Sooooo thankful for daylight savings!  I was exhausted last night and it felt so good to sleep another hour.  That hour seemed like five hours and it was amaaaaaazing :)

Guess I need to move on and be productive today.  I have two weeks worth of lesson plans to write for Literacy and Math due tomorrow and homework for grad school due tomorrow.  Lovely. 


jill said...

the house is INCREDIBLE!!! i can't WAIT to see what you do with it once you move in. pretty sure i won't be talking about decorating anymore once you get started. :)and wowwwwwww about the field trip .. it wore me out just reading about it. hope your monday is a good one!

Katie Mentzel said...

i can't wait to see it either! it's looking SO great!

e said...

I love LOVE the pictures of the house!


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