Monday, November 16, 2009

bad habit

Ok, so I probably shouldn't make this a habit.  Sitting in class blogging.  But it really is the definition of pure miserableness.  Do not ask 22 college students to sit in the computer lab for 3 hours and expect them to actually do their work.  We blog.  And facebook.  And then do our homework late Sunday night. 

This weekend was madness! It was the major move and it was major.  We succesfully got all of our furniture moved in except two pieces and hopefully those will be moved in this week.  A HUGE thank you to my parents and Matt's parents for helping us move.  And what in the world would I do without house decorator momma to do my decorating for me :)  The pantry is organized, all the kitchen is put away and decorated, one guest bedroom finished, and the living room is pretty much in place.  My closet on the other hand....CHAOS.  Pure chaos.  I would be too embarrased to take a picture of my closet for you.  Before or after.  Because it's pretty embarrasing how many clothes I have once I get them all hung up and placed.  For the past two years I have had closets the size of, ok I don't know what, but they were small.  And half my clothes stayed in bags so I never really knew what all I had.  Until this weekend.  I will say that I have cleaned out a lot and will be dropping off at the consignment shop.  Ok, shoes aren't much better.  Matt couldn't believe how many containers of shoes I had until he saw them all sitting on the bedroom floor.  No comment.  I have an obsession.  CLEARLY.

I am super pumped about next week.  Our school is out for a week for Thanksgiving.  I was beyond happy because back in the day when I was in school we only had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday out.  The teachers laughed at me today because I didn't realize that we really were out all week...I thought I might get told that even though the students are out, we had to work, but nope, we are out too!  Woo hoo!  I think I may take a trip to Texarkana to see the fam and bestie...after my oh so exciting woman doctors appointment...they are the worst....and no, I am not pregnant.  Although I do think my Dad would like a grandchild now that we are getting settled in our new house.  I'll think about it.  Matt will not. 

I'm still finding it very sad that the only time I have to blog lately has been in class in the computer lab.  Guess it would help if I had internet hooked up at the new house, but that won't be for a few weeks I think.  That's what sucks about being the first person to build in a new phone connection...although you would think that would be a no brainer these days.  TV should be hooked up in the morning...not that I need TV since I have tons of organizing to do.  Speaking of TV, Directv is on my bad list.  They suck.  Awful customer service. 

Until next Monday night at 6 PM....

or until I can get to a house with internet....

when I have some spare time and that's not likely going to happen soon.

OH!  Christmas Open House this Sunday afternoon at Park Street Market :)  Come shop if you are in the area.  It's sooo beautiful decorated for Christmas!


Cathy said...

The house is so unique. In Gary's words, "You really got some different things in this house." Can't wait until she posts some pictures...blackbirds on the entry wall, deer head over the fireplace, old iron doors for the bed in the master bedroom.....soooo cute! You really need to go visit Matt and Whitney!

In this wonderful life... said...

glad yall got moved in!

see, everyone always thought I had the clothing addiction. It was you, you! I knew it though :)

did you order cookbook for my mom?

allison said...

U crack me up. I read this entire post and it was like I was sitting in front of u. I could hear u saying every word in my head!

Glad yall are moved in. Can't wait to see everything!

jill said...

yay for being moved in!!!! i can't WAIT to see pictures!!!!

e said...

Okay, you haven't started "Shredding" yet. I, on the other hand, have done it 10 times! And by 10, I mean that it's still wrapped in the cellophane. Glad you got moved in-ish! Hope to see you Sunday :)


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